Dota Underlords may contain automated battles that are not controlled by any human interaction. But make no mistake; the game is immensely complex. Featuring an impressive 60 heroes spread across 23 different Alliances with an impressive number of items split into five tiers. Before you start to freak out, relax! We’ve put together below our Dota Underlords Complete Beginner’s Guide. Filled with great tips, beginner-friendly introduction, and clarification on all aspects of gameplay.

Learn to Play - Dota Overlords
Learn to Play – Dota Overlords

Dota Underlords Complete Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

As you can expect, there’s a fair amount to cover in this Dota Underlords guide, so we’ve put together these handy links for you to jump to sections most important to you. However, if you have never played Dota Underlords, we would recommend you read through each section.

What is Dota Underlords – And how to win

Dota Underlords is an 8-player strategy battler. Selecting heroes from a shared pool, your goal is to build an army strong enough to defeat all seven of your enemies. Underlords is another variation of the game mode Auto Chess comparative to League of Legends Teamfight Tactics. It’s fun, and it’s ever so slightly addictive!

Every game all players will start with 100 health points, slowly deteriorating every time you lose a battle. If your health reaches 0, you are eliminated from the game. If you outlive all your opponents, you will become the victor. The amount of health taken from you, or taken from enemies, depends on the number of units left unkilled.

Each new battle will signify a new round. These rounds are timed, at the start of each round you will have 25 seconds to prepare yourself. Use this time to buy heroes and reposition them on the board. Some rounds you’ll face Neutral monsters commonly referred to as loot rounds. After defeating the Neutral monsters, you’ll have 15 seconds to select an item from a selected list, more on items later in the guide.

The decisions you make will determine how well you’ll perform. Heroes purchased, economy handling and unit positioning, however, you will have no control over each battle. Your Heroes’ movements and who they attack is all automatic.

Dota Underlords User Interface

Surprisingly, there’re actually two different views that players can choose between. One is the default desktop view and the other is a mobile layout. The two views are fairly similar except the mobile UI is larger and the available Heroes moves to the middle of your screen as opposed to the top.

Desktop In-Game UI

Dota Underlords Desktop UI
Dota Underlords Desktop UI

Mobile In-Game UI

Dota Underlords Mobile UI
Dota Underlords Mobile UI

You can click on the Avatars on the left to jump to the selected player’s board and view their current hero line up. Use this information to best determine how to counter them. Units on the bench can be dragged onto the board with your mouse and Vice Versa. Clicking on one of the three options on the right will open up their respected menus.

Dota Underlord Economy Guide

Gold is a valuable resource within Dota Underlords and how you manage that gold will highly sway your results. For new players, it’s not uncommon to overlook just how important keeping a good economy is. While there are only three ways to spend your gold, you should do so with caution.

You can use your gold on:

  • Buying Heroes from the shop – Heroes can cost between one and five gold depending on the rarity of the Hero. (Typically the higher the cost, the stronger the Hero.)
  • Rolling the Hero Selection – Selecting this option will cause the shop to refresh and show you different Heroes at the cost of two Gold.
  • Purchasing Experience – Spending 5 Gold for 4 XP.

Experience: When you level up in Dota Underlords, you’ll be able to add an extra hero to your board. Additionally, the higher your level the greater the chance that you will find rarer heroes in the shop. Each round gives you one experience point, but you can and should spend gold to speed up the process.

How to get Gold?

You can accumulate gold from multiple sources which I’ll outline below. Before that, it’s important to note that gold and economy management should play a pivotal role in your strategy. Spending carelessly will provide a nice shortcut to the defeat screen!

Base Gold (+5G)

Each round players will earn a set amount of gold passively.

Interest Gold (1-5G)

Receive a higher income by saving your Gold. When you have 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50+ gold you’ll receive 10% interest. For example, if a player has 10 gold, they will receive one extra gold at the end of the round. The most you can receive in interest is 5 Gold. Saving your gold past 50 Gold will yield no further rewards.

  • 10 Gold will earn 1 Gold interest
  • 20 Gold will earn 2 Gold interest
  • 30 Gold will earn 3 Gold interest
  • 40 Gold will earn 4 Gold interest
  • 50 Gold will earn 5 Gold interest (Max)

Winning and losing streak (1-3G)

If you win a battle, you’ll gain +1 Gold for that round. Losing the battle and you’ll gain zero gold bonus, however, going on a consecutive win streak or losing streak will grant bonus gold. This allows players to accumulate large amounts of gold even when losing the early game to invest in a good strong team later.

  • Win or Lose – 3 games will earn 1 Gold
  • Win or Lose – 6 games will earn 2 Gold
  • Win or Lose – 9 games will earn 3 Gold (Max)

Dota Underlords Hero Shop

This is where the magic happens. Upon opening the shop, you’ll see a selection of five heroes for you to purchase. There’s also a refresh button that will remove the current five and replace them with another random set to pick from. While the heroes are random, your current level will determine the likelihood of a certain rarity appearing. This is how you’ll get the exact heroes you need, but it can become costly if you overdo it causing your economy to suffer.

Units you buy will be added to your bench, drag them into position to use them in battle. You can sell back any heroes if you no longer want or need them at the same cost they were purchased for. Higher star units are sold back at their combined cost.

Dota Underlords Drag Heroes from your bench
Drag And Drop Heroes – Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords Heroes and Alliances

With a current total of 60 different heroes available across five tiers, picking the right hero for your team composition can be challenging. Each unit brings something unique from attacks, movement, Alliances, and active abilities. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting a particular hero in Dota Underlords.

  • Abilities – Most heroes have some form of ability whether it’s passive (always in effect) or active (will activate once the hero reaches full mana). Higher star heroes will have strengthened abilities.
  • Alliances – Each hero belongs to two or three Alliances, placing multiple units from the same Alliance on the board will grant your strong passive benefits. How many units you’ll need will vary across Alliances, for example, placing three Assassins on the board will grant 10% chance to Critical Hit for 300% Damage. Whereas Heartless only requires two units to gain the first passive buff.
  • Hero Level – Purchasing multiple versions of the same hero will upgrade their level to a cap of level 3.You will need three Level 1 heroes to make a level 2 and three Level 2 units to create a level 3 hero. Each time the heroes level, their health and damage will boost in stats.
  • Player Level – Your own level will determine how many units you can place on the board for battle. At level one, one unit can be placed, at level two, two units can be placed and so on.

In order for your army of heroes to be successful, you’ll need to think about all these attributes. Be mindful of your own economy, buying too many heroes that you cant use or refreshing the store early can be detrimental.

Dota Underlords items and how to use them

In the opening rounds, all players will face-off against creeps providing you with the first three player levels. Additionally, after each creeps round, You’ll receive a timed list of three (more if you get a specific item) items in which you can select just one. Items, just like heroes are separated into different tiers, the higher the tier the more valuable the item…Generally.

Dota Underlords Items Guide
Dota Underlords Items Guide

Players each have 15 seconds to make their choice. If you fail to defeat the creeps, your choice will be removed and only one item will be available to select.

Dota Underlords Neutral Round Lost
Dota Underlords Neutral Round Lost

You will encounter creep rounds again at round 10, and then every five rounds after that. Once you’ve selected an item you want, it will then be added to the menu bar on the right (the bottom icon that looks like a chest). Depending on the item, it can either be an item that a hero must wear to become active, or a passive that requires no action from the player. Simply drag the item from the menu to the hero you want to boost.

Dota Underlords Drag and Drop Items
Drag Items Onto Your Chosen Hero – Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords Beginners guide to winning more matches.


A very important aspect of Dota Underlords is the positioning of your heroes. However, I want to keep this guide as beginner-friendly as possible and so I’ll cover only the basic ABC’s, but I will create more advanced strategies in a future guide.

The fundamental rules of positioning are as follows: Place your tanky heroes at the front, and your high damage low health units behind. This will prevent the enemy team’s melees from rushing your high damage units. It’s important to note that assassin heroes will always jump to the backline of the opposing team, which is great for you to eliminate the enemies damage dealers. But not so much fun when it happens to your backline. One way to prevent this is to clump your units into a corner of the board creating a barrier around your weaker health heroes.

Early Game

Depending on your opening items and hero selections, you will need to come to a quick decision on how you would like the opening phase to play out. If you’re unable to find strong early heroes, concentrate on retaining a strong economy and take advantage of the losing streak bonuses. On the other end of the spectrum, starting the game with really strong items and units is no cause to relax. Don’t be afraid to push your advantage by purchasing XP to gain even more power on the board early.

Mid Game

By now your team should be in good form, with only minor adjustments needed to your game strategy. Depending on your battle results, determine which areas need fixing. For example, if your frontline is being destroyed, think about adding another defensive unit to your team. You can even switch out heroes in favor of ones with a more defensive Alliance bonus. It’s important at this stage to fine-tune your team for the end game.

Keeping a strong economy at this point is vital, staying above the 50g threshold will allow you to make more drastic adjustments later.

End Game

Once other players start to dwindle out of the game, nows the time to get tactical! Dota Auto Chess set the standard for this game genre and the name is no coincidence. As the name suggests, we’re basically playing chess with fantasy heroes. Until now, however, all players have been playing at a glaring disadvantage. In chess, it’s important to stay two moves ahead of your opponent’s moves. But with 7 other players in Dota Underlords, it’s unfeasible to predict your next opponent so trying to guess who you’ll be facing and counter their positioning of heroes is impossible.

End game, however, with a smaller pool of opponents we can now start to adjust our lineup and positioning to counter our biggest threats. Providing you’ve kept a strong economy up until this point, start to burn gold more aggressively to seek heroes to upgrade. Getting knocked out with unspelt gold is essentially wasted power!

Important things to remember:

  • Play against Dota Underlords’ AI for the first few matches. This mode has no time limits between rounds which allow you to focus on the game functionality.
  • Heroes sell back at the same cost you purchased them for, so don’t be afraid to buy heroes and sell later.
  • One of the most important nuances to learn – Shop only during the battle stages and not the shopping stages. Gold interest for the next round is calculated at the end of the shopping stage. Which means if you’re sitting on 50 gold but you want to buy a certain hero, wait until the shopping stage has finished to still gain the +5G interest bonus.
  • Check your hero DPS each round. This is incredibly important as it lets you know what your team is lacking and also makes you aware of positioning issues for certain units.
  • Allow items to dictate your game strategy as many items can and should influence the way you play. Dota Underlords currently features 20 items that directly affect specific Alliances. These items can be game-changing, so make the most of them.
Dota Underlords Victory Screen
First Place Victory – Dota Underlords

How to download Dota Overlords?

Dota Overlords is developed by Valve and functions as a standalone game, which means there’s no need to install Dota 2 Prior. The game is available from Steam on PC, additionally, you can download it for mobile devices on the Google Play and Apple Store for free. All details can be found on the official Underlords Website.

Thanks for reading! If this Dota Underlords Beginner’s Guide has been helpful to you, please share it with your friends. If you have any questions, drop a comment below.