In its beta phase, the auto-battling game DOTA Underlords was doing very well despite unknown drops in viewership for the genre. But now it seems that things might be about to pick up again as the game is getting ready to leave Early Access. The developers behind the game announced the end of the beta season. This means Season 1 will finish “by the end of February.”

Valve says 1.0 will be completed by the end of next month, It’s not a moment too soon, as Valve’s auto battler has been losing traction. Originally it boasted of a player count that was twice Artifact’s at its highest peak, but it has been steadily decreasing, now down by around 90%, and has shown no signs of plateauing so far. No update has been able to significantly move the needle, but hopefully, 1.0 update will get a little bit of hype.

Version 1.0 will Introduce a Battlepass, UI updates, and a revamped Hero / Item rotation. This will also include the City Crawl, not outlined by Valve, but I think it will mimic the Cavern Crawl in Dota 2 and more recent Jungle Expedition. They’re hardly anything spectacular, but a much more deliberate way to unlock cosmetics in normal games by selecting extra goals.

The official site for DOTA Underlords recently noted some balance changes with the latest update, with one more to follow. Including the release of a forth Underlord to round out the game.