Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords Next Big Update Will Add A Prison System

8-12 Random Heroes Jailed Daily!

Dota Underlords is tentatively set in some creepy -possibly black market- underground town, so I’m delighted to see Valve expand on the eerie theme by adding a prison system. This thematic change is just one prominent part of the upcoming Grand update that will add many new characters while changing the way the game works considerably. In a conscious effort to keep things interesting, Valve will be jailing 8-12 random heroes every day, while carefully maintaining that all alliances can still be formed. It seems like a fun method of keeping players on their toes, although making it even more difficult for anyone to produce comprehensive guides for this iconic chess inspired auto-battler.

Dota Underlords Heroes Prison
Dota Underlords Heroes Prison

Valve has continued passionately to tease the Great Update with a daily post until it’s out. Four days ago they started, check them all out below.

There are some intriguing things of note. Legion Commander is the only hero with the new alliance suitably dubbed ‘ Champion’, which ensures she gains from every single alliance that you have put together. It sounds insane and possibly overpowered but when it comes to meticulously designing up their imaginative battlers, that has consistently been the mindset of Valve.

There are also Brutes, Healers and Insects thrown into the mix as well. Brutes plant a damage debuff to each and every enemy they hit, Healers amplify healing, and Insects layer the board in spiderlings that bite foes to provide them a potential chance to miss-hit. The likely prospect of figuring out which of these new changes will be effective animates me, however, Spiders…Not so much.

With the introduction of Dota Underlord Prison, I’m curious as to how this will impact players trying to learn the game. The changes will force different scenarios daily and limit the ability to create reliable team compositions to learn from. That being said, it’s very exciting to see Valve switch things up and offer something fresh to the auto chess scene.

Valve did not clarify when the Big Patch was scheduled. My best estimate is the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

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