L2pbomb’s comprehensive Dota Underlords Positioning Guide will cover the basics unit strategies and best positions to outmaneuver your opponents.

Dota Underlords is a complex game that like Chess requires a capable strategic mind. Unit positioning, adapting playstyle based on the units on the board, and optimizing your hero’s skills trajectories are all significant skills every Dota Underlord player should learn.

Hero Alliances occupy a pivotal role in determining where you should play a unit on the board. I’ll dive into position-specific Alliances below. However, I’ll initially include a basic form of Dota Underlords Positioning for the players looking just for some basic guidelines to follow.

Basic Unit Positioning Guide

The short and sweet rule of thumb – Tanks in the frontline and damage dealers in the backline. Naturally, positioning is definitely not that easy, many factors will change that guideline. More on these factors in the alliance section of the guide, for now, let’s break down the ABCs of positioning.

Tanks – Stick tanky units in the frontline, their goal is to soak up as much damage as they can while your damage dealers dish out damage. Look to use Heroes that are typically melee, high health and utilize an Alliances that gains defensive stats like Warriors.

Damage Dealers – This term generally refers to units that are strictly used to dish out damage. However, in Dota Underlords, many heroes can fulfill this role due to game-changing abilities and upgrades. Three-star units receive excessive damage compared to units that are one or two stars.

To keep things simple, I’ll generalize damage dealers in their most authentic form. Select units that have vigorous basic attacks or powerful abilities, these are predominantly Mages, Hunters, and Assassins. Place these units behind your tanks, but be mindful of the unit’s range. You’ll want your units to be able to fight as soon as the battle starts, placing them out of range will force the unit to expend valuable time each round running around the board.

Hero Abilities – Units have a diverse set of powerful abilities that once your positioning is optimized, can win many games alone. For example, placing a hero with an AOE ability in the bottom corner will limit the effectiveness of the hero’s ability and its overall damage output. Pay attention to your team’s abilities and place them into positions that will maximize their damage.

How to gain mana: Once a hero reaches 100% of their mana bar, they will use their special ability at the first chance they get. Heroes gain mana by taking and receiving damage.

The previous guidelines should generally be enough to get your through the early and mid-game without many issues, however, once a few opponents have been eliminated from the game, start to scout the remaining few’s team lineup and position your units to counter them.

Dota Underlords Positioning Guide – Alliances

Hero’s Alliance can affect how you’ll utilize and position your units. Basic knowledge of present heroes and gameplay is recommended. Below features specific heroes examples whos Alliance changes the way they are positioned on the board.

Troll Warlord: A classic example of how Alliances can throw a spanner into typical positioning. Troll Warlord’s Alliance is Warrior which given their armor buff traditionally makes them perfect for frontline action. However, Troll Warlord is a ranged unit and carries the Troll Alliance that provides faster attack speed. With that in mind and knowing that his passive ability also grants bonus attack speed, it’s best to position this unit behind your tanks.

Morphling & Razor: The Primordial Alliance previously affected how to position units in a way that went against their nature. Morphlin as an Assassin typically would go on the backline, however, the old Primordial buff needed the unit to receive damage from melee sources to have a chance at disarming. The same went for Razor, Mages are mostly renowned for being squishy targets with immense offensive power. Typically they will follow the basic guidelines set above: Placed at the back of the board and out of harm’s way, but due to the old Primordial buff and the hero’s AOE ability we would see players using Razor on the frontlines.

This is no longer the case since Dota Underlords latest patch changes. But use the above example as a reason to keep an eye on game changes, as they likewise can affect the way you’ll position units in the future.

Knights: Knights need more intricate positioning compared to other Alliances since their buff requires units to be 1-cell away from each other. You’ll want to place the tanky melee heroes at the front as usual, as for the range units, instead of placing them on the backline, look to place them in the middle row behind the melee Knight units to continue to benefit from the Alliance buff.

There are many more examples of specific hero positioning based on Alliances, we’d recommend getting familiar with Dota Underlords’ heroes and follow the basic positioning guide of melee in the front and range units in the back when in doubt.

I hope you’ve found this Dota Underlords Positioning Guide useful, if so, please share with your friends. If you have any questions, leave a comment below!