Gem fused, Rammus is ready to see the Dragon Oracle, Udyr as both champion receive Epic Skins

Riot Games will introduce two more skins during their next patch v9.16, providing long-running champs Rammus and Udyr a new look.

Both Dragon Oracle Udyr skin and Hextech Rammus skin can be easily purchasable through the Riot Store or available in Hextech Chest as Skin Shards. You will need around 1050 Orange Essences to transform the Skin Shard into a permanent skin.

See both of the skins in action below.

Dragon Oracle Udyr

Dragon Oracle Udyr Skin Splash Art LoL
Dragon Oracle Udyr – Skin Splash Art | LoL

Fans of Udyr will be pleased to hear that Udyr will have a new skin, Dragon Oracle Udyr. It has been over 4 years since Udyr has received a skin, so the skin is a welcome addition.

Why so long?

In short, Udyr is not a popular champion to play amongst the players. Current statistics show that Udyr has a play rate of just 3.29%, therefore it is easy to work out why Riot Games have held off for so long. If a champion is not being played, they are less like to purchase the skin for them.

Riot Games has been actively going through champions, updating their VFX, SFX, models and animation to make them smoother and up to date with the modern era. It looks like is Udyr turn.

From the footage, you quickly notice the new skin completely transforms Udyr making his Spirit Guard ultimate skin look more like a typical color-swatch skin update. With more fluid animations, new skin particles and recall animations, Dragon Oracle Udyrs skin will most likely be his most popular skin. It may even entice fans to pick up the forgotten Spirit Walker.

Udyr new epic skin, Dragon Oracle Udyr Skin will cost 1350 RP (Riot Points) from the Riot Store. (current price on LoL PBE)

Hextech Rammus

Hextech Rammus Skin Splash Art LoL
Hextech Rammus – Skin Splash Art | LoL

Similar to Udyr, Rammus hardly gets picked in matchups. Statistics show Rammus is actually picked fewer times than Udyr with play rate percentage of just 2.37%.

Rammus was luckily enough to pick up a new skin update last year with Sweeper Rammus but before that, Rammus last skin was released back in 2015. Check out Rammus latest skins, Hextech Rammus below.

Currently, on PBE, the Hextech Rammus skin is available to purchase for 1350 RP. My initial thoughts were the new Rammus skin may be an exclusive Hextech skin that can be obtained by using rare Hextech craftable item, Gemstones. However, this does not seem to be the case.

Not all Hextech skin require Gemstones. Just like Hextech Aniva and Hextech Singed, these Hextech skins are already available for purchase within the Riot Store.

If you look closely at Hextech Rammus you can see a part of the rare Gemstone protruding from his head and chest.