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Durrr Burger Vs Tomato Head – Fortnite Map Changes

Epic Games has given the Fortnite map a Halloween extermination in update v6.22

Halloween for Fortnite Battle Royale has ended. The latest update not only introduced a new weapon and LTMs but also cleared the map of all Halloween related decorations including Stores. However, Halloween effected areas are not the only changes to the Fortnite map in this update. Durrr Burger restaurant has seemingly closed down, with the owners choosing to go mobile. New stores have opened up in Paradise Palms and the Corrupted Areas have started to gain new life.

Before we jump into the latest Fortnite Map changes, l2pbomb have been keeping a very close eye on Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit truck ever since he showed back up at Tomato Town. Releasing a post last week, we noted that he had made his way to Greasy Grove and hinted that a story may be forming between Durr Burger and Pizza Pitt. At first, our initial thought was of a building friendship between the two restaurants. Why else would Uncle Pete travel all the way from Tomato Temple, his former home all the way to Greasy?

Durrr Burger Food Truck

Well, now it seems more likely that Uncle Pete had a darker and twisted motive… DURRR Burger Vs Tomato Town! Now that the Durrr Burger Restaurant has closed, a Durrr Burger Truck can be found outside the restaurant and facing off against Tomato Head’s Pizza Pit. Is the recently leaked air vehicle a plane loaded with Burger bombs?

Tomato Head In Greasy Grove With Durrr Burger Truck

What do you think, is this the start of a long war between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit or could they still be allies working together?

Durr Burger Closed Down

Durrr Burger Restaurant Closed Down

Now onto the rest of the Fortnite map changes.

Fatal Fields has been restored back to how it was before Fortnitemares, all Halloween decorations have been removed and the buildings are no longer home to the Fortnitemares’ spooky ghost house. There are some minor changes, however, nothing to write home about.

Fatal Fields Back to normal after Fortnitemares

Once again, Pleasant Park will play host to accommodate the new NFL Skins. Just like it did when the Soccer Skins came out. The pitch has now been changed into an American Football Field with what looks to be a commentator box by the side of the pitch.

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Pleasant Park NFL Football Pitch

The Halloween Store in Retail Row is now all boarded up with the insides having been completely cleaned out. I wonder what will go in its place… A Christmas store?

Halloween Store Boarded Up

A new store has opened up in Paradise Palms, Keyboard King. The new store appears to be a PC Cafe of some kind. With the entire upstairs filled with what looks like gaming PCs. It’s because of this new store many believe that the leaked PCB Challenges will be held here.

Keyboard King New Store In Paradise Palms

Corrupted Areas around the map have started to grow new grass with the landscape changing slightly. This is very reminiscent of how Dusty Divot changed slightly each patch after the meteorite.

Corrupted Areas map changes Fortnite Battle Royale

The rest of the map changes are subtle with most only removing Halloween Decorations. Something of note, however, the floating objects in Motel do not seem to be there anymore, well they’re still there just no longer floating. We’re not sure if they were just part of Fortnitemares or if more will come of this at a later date.

These are all the major map changes that have occurred in the latest update of Fortnite Battle Royale, if you know of any others please let us know in the comments below.


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