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D.Va Guide – Busan‘s Defense Pilot [Overwatch]

Our comprehensive Overwatch Guide to playing D.Va and our best tips to crush the opposition.

D.Va has been a fan favorite for a long time now, even throughout her rework back in 2017 D.Va remained an effective and consistent pick. View our D.Va guide below to learn why she’s a popular hero pick and how to get the best out of Busan’s defense Pilot.

Overwatch heroes have a rich history and lore, D.Va included. D.Va’s real name is Hana Song who even at the tender age of 19 fights to defend her country South Korea. Once a professional gamer she was called upon by her country hoping that her gaming reflexes and instincts would be sufficient to operate the mechs they had created to defend themselves against the Omnic.  View D.Va’s Animated Short for a glimpse into her life! Read below to see our D.Va Guide TLDR

You can play D.Va at all skill levels and our guide will cater for all, keep in mind that the more advanced tips and tricks for D.Va you must learn to play her effectively at higher ranks. Here is a quick TLDR for those of you wanting to know her strengths and vulnerabilities.

D.Va Guide TLDR


  • Excellent close range damage
  • Ultimate is one of the best for zone control and clutch capture points.
  • Combines well in most team comps.
  • Due to having 2 forms, D.Va can be hard for the enemy team to kill.
  • Great at supporting the team from deadly skills.


  • D.Va at long range is sub-par
  • Her character model makes it easier to land headshots on plus this can lead to the other team having an easier time generating their ultimate.
  • Defense Matrix can only be utilized sparingly

Overwatch D.Va Guide

D.Va’s Biography

Real Name: Hana Song, Age: 19
Occupation: Pro Gamer (formerly), Mech Pilot
Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea
Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army

D.Va‘s Abilities and skill tips

D.Va can be summarized as a tanky bruiser, she can somewhat tank on the front lines and keep her teammates safe whilst also being able to dish out strong damage when required. Thanks to her Defense Matrix and zoning abilities with her ultimate D.Va is a viable choice in most team comps. Let’s look at her ability and our top tips on how to maximize all.

Fusion Cannons [Default LMB]

D.Va wields dual cannons that fire continuously, dealing high damage at close range but the damage drop is also significant if use at medium to long range. There’s no reload needed so you can dive in and spray til your heart’s content. Whilst Firing D.Va’s movement speed is reduced by 50% but, she gains a 50% knockback resistance which comes in useful when you have fully engaged.

Our tips:
Fusion Cannon is D.Va’s primary source of damage and shoots in a large spread. However, you’ll want to be up close and in the enemies face when using this to maximize the damage output. Keep in mind whilst D.Va is classified as a tank, you shouldn’t go mindlessly into the enemy team try to isolate a target and take them out fast or wait for your team to group.

Light Gun [Default LMB]

Once D.Va has been knocked out of her mech, D.Va can proceed to fight with a snappy little blaster.

Our tips:
The moment you’re out of your mech you‘ll be exposed, however, this is not the same as being useless. With your Light Gun, you can “peek” shoot at your targets from around corners.

Don’t underrate the damage this gun can put out, with no damage fall off you can safely stand at a distance to generate your ultimate if you decide that’s the best choice (More on this later)

Boosters [Default LShift]

This skill is what makes D.Va so mobile, launching her mech in the direction you’re facing Booster can deal damage, knock back enemies stuck and enable you to fly into the air.

Our Tips:
This is your main source of engagement, equally your primary source to disengage any situation. The trick here is to recognize your most important goal – protecting your teammates. If you see a hero like Winston approaching don’t aimlessly use Booster, instead save it and use Booster to counter his leap engage.

You can perform this for many situations, so maximize the times you should be using Booster for knockback instead of booster for purely engaging.

If you’re highly comfortable on D.Va you can also use your melee attack and then cancel the animation by using Booster. Most players prefer custom keybinds for smoother animation canceling across heroes.

Booster counts as a channeled ability you should aim to cancel your booster the moment you‘re no longer using it to start the cooldown quicker. Again remapping your keybinds works best here. You can use either your melee attack to cancel the skill or set Booster to hold and once you release to stop Booster.

Defense Matrix [Default RMB]

D.Va can hold up a forward-facing targeting array for 2 seconds to block incoming projectiles.

Our tips:
This skill alone divides the casual D.Va players from the enthusiastic players. Defense Matrix is utterly vital to your role of defending your team and making sure they are protected from large dives.

You never want to overdo your Defense Matrix and learn it’s about protecting your team from burst/major ultimates, not mindless spam.

Practising your DM management will promote your gameplay massively. Good players will wait for your Defensive Matrix to be down before they dive, don’t allow them that opportunity.

More tips on our gameplay section below.

Micro Missiles [Default E]

D.Va Launches a volley of explosive Rockets.

Our tips:
Micro Missiles is remarkable at long range and for a full engage against squishy targets. On certain maps seek to get the high ground and opening up with Micro Missiles. Usually, the enemy team is compact so doing this provides you a nice boost to your ultimate charge early.

You can exploit this skill to bait out enemy defenses also, for instance, aim Micro Missiles at a Genji to force him to use reflect, remember Micro Missiles is a channeled skill so once you’ve baited out the skill quickly turn and face a different direction.

Self Destruct [Default Q]

D.Va can eject from her mech and sets its reactor to explode dealing massive damage to nearby opponents.

Our tips:
First and foremost… Get creative. D.Va‘s ultimate is so iconic by now that many players easily recognize and nullify Self Destruct without breaking a sweat. You virtually never want to statically eject from your mech.

Instead of hitting Self Destruct because it’s accessible to you, look for the right opportunity to present itself. Combining the skill with your teammates offers great success but also think about the current state of the game.

If the game is almost finished shoot Self Destruct at the payload to zone the enemies away. Or if the enemy team have set up a swift dive attempt and took your team off guard, use Self Destruct to divide the enemy team up and allow your team to heal and reorganize.

Remember that your ultimate offers far more than just kills, make the most of it.

Call Mech [Default Q]

If D.Va’s mech is destroyed, D.Va can call down a fresh mech and return to the fray

Our tips:
There’s not plenty to say about this ability other than when you use the ability it will fully heal you and all cooldowns will be refreshed, Call Mech will also generate a knockback in a small area around D.Va.

Be careful around heroes such as McCree as they can cancel this ability consuming your ultimate charge.

Overwatch Guide – D.Va Gameplay

Overwatch handing D.Va the class of a tank can be profoundly misleading if you‘re fresh to playing her. Unlike most tanks, you rarely want to be in the front lines damage soaking. Now don’t get me wrong, there’re cases for when you should be in the front line, however, you don’t have the defense capabilities of say a Reinhardt to take the frequent focus. You’ve got to be more strategic and expose your enemy’s weak points.

Use Booster to get to high ground as often as possible. When you are high you can zone areas, separate vulnerable targets and best evaluate potential engages or strategic Defense Matrix. There are many tricks to D.Va that once learned can really influx the level you can play the hero at.

D.Va In-Game Tips

First up is flight, go into a practice mode and practice flight management with Booster. Learning how to control D.Va and recognizing when to float instead of flying can influence the way you optimize your flight time. Everything else becomes easier once you have a firm grasp on this skill. Engages become smoother, more effortless and disengage becomes more successful, you’ll be able to chain Booster with Missiles and melee hit to maximize your damage outputs.

Defensive Matrix management. Just like flight management once you’ve mastered both you’ll play D.Va at a much greater skill level than you previously were.

Knowing what your opponents DPS cycles are can help you know when and for how long you should hold down your DM. Looking out for typical engagement patterns, once you identify what play the enemy team are trying to make allows you to be more selective when using Defensive Matrix.

Also get in the habit of tapping the Defensive Matrix for little skills like Moira‘s Orbs. Eating these skills early can take any value away from the enemy heroes.

Eject! When you’ve been knocked out of your mech you have a limited time to readjust. Use this time to get away safely. Hold the direction you would prefer to eject and that’s where you’ll go. Holding down the jump button will eject you higher, which can help you escape more cleanly.

If you are near your home base and are without your mech, you can go into your base and change hero and then back to D.Va to get her armor back. Note you’ve got to switch to another hero and then back to D.Va.

What can D.Va do to help her team?

D.Va is one of Overwatch’s most versatile heroes as such her role is very flexible. The key points you should seek to achieve every time are

Help teammates that are being dived – Use Booster to knock them back or if for example a Reaper jumps in and ults, be ready to Defensive Matrix the damage. Always be aware of your team and their positions

Positioning – As previously mentioned D.Va is not like most tanks and because of that you cannot go in 1 vs 5. Make sure you’re with your team, if you’re on your own because you are trying to disrupt the enemy then make sure you have Booster available to pull out once things get heated. Great positioning allows for better ultimates and greater use of defensive Matrix.

Dying when it makes sense – Once you’ve been taken out of your mech your first instinct should be to assess the state of the game and know when you should fall back and farm your ultimate back safely with Light Gun, or whether it would be more beneficial to your team for you to rush into the enemy team and die to allow you to get back into the fight quicker.

D.Va Match Up Guide

Playing D.Va to position accurately and to optimally use your Defense Matrix you must know who your threats are and which Overwatch heroes you can burst down swiftly.

In general, D.Va can do well against most matchups in a 1v1 situation, however, the names listed below have taken into account the likely hood of them being on their own and caught off guard. For example, Zenyatta can be comfortable for D.Va to deal with in a 1v1 situation if played right and her Defense Matrix gets timed precisely. Yet, The chances of catching a Zenyatta without her team is small and in a team capacity, she can be a royal pain in the behind.

D.Va Is Strong Against

Pharah, Rehhardt, Widowmaker, Reaper, Lucio

D.Va can be deadly to heroes such as Widowmaker and Reaper. Being able to use her high mobility to outflank and dive directly onto them makes her a great threat. Reaper with visible reload times and his nature to flank, it’s rather easy to catch him out of position and aggressively attack.

When D.Va is shooting with her Fusion Cannons, she can take most of the sting out of Lucio‘s knockback which allows you to stick to him easier. Use Booster to obstruct his wall movements, you can also use booster just before he ults. If you can kill him before he lands, the ultimate will not go off and the skill will go on cooldown.

D.Va Is Weak against

Mei, Ana, Zenyatta, Brigitte

Ana and Zenyatta may not be the strongest heroes to kill you, however, their kit and their nature to always be with their team make it easier for the enemy team to kill you.

Mei … Survivability, her wall counters your ultimate and she can pierce through DM. If she‘s on the enemy team take note and seek to catch her as she’s about to Blizzard.

All D.Va Skins

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