EA Forms New Partnership with Valve, Bringing Selected Games to Steam

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Players on both Steam and Origins accounts will soon be able to play together on hit games like Apex Legends, Fifa 20 and Battlefield 5 and more.

A few days ago, EA sent a cryptic message via Twitter, where many have speculated a possible partnership between EA and Steam is on the cards. Posting an image of a cup with the brand logo stamped across it with visible steam rising from it.

Just a few hours ago, EA officially announced they have indeed formed a partnership with Valve.

Electronic Arts and Valve have partnered to put EA games into the hands of the players on Steam. Starting next spring, EA Access—our ever-growing subscription service powered by great games and member benefits—will be making its way to Steam. EA Access is the first and only gaming subscription service available on Steam, and the fourth platform featuring an EA subscription.

The newly formed relationship will help bring hit titles over to steam with the first title being Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Arriving and becoming accessible in the Steam client on 15th November with pre-orders starting from today.

Other popular titles will be made available in the coming months such as Unravel Two and Sims 4. With multiplayer games like Apex Legends, FIFA 20, Battlefield V and more becoming available next year.

Another benefit gamers will receive is the ability to play together with other gamers whether they are on Origin accounts or Steam accounts. Creating a bigger network of gamers for a better gaming experience.


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