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Earn Yourself A Free Palm Tree Glider in Fortnite Season 8

Free and Battle Pass users can earn themselves a new Palm Tree Glider in Fortnite Battle Royale that brings music to their ears

Fortnite Victory Glider is a Palm Tree design to make sure you blend in with Fortnite Season 8 latest scenary. Find out everything you need to know to earn yourself a FREE Palm Tree glider in the new Season of Fortnite

Palm Tree Glider

Every season, players can earn themselves a Victory Glider, an exclusive glider to users who have earned a Victory Royale. Season 8 Victory Glider has a tropical theme, a Palm Tree. But not only do you get a cool looking glider, but it will also play music when it is deployed.

Palm Tree Victory Glider – Fortnite | Epic Games

The design fits nicely in with Fortnite Season 8 makeover as the battlegrounds have undergone a number of map changes. Palm trees can be spotted at the new Lazy Lagoon area that features rich blue waters with palm trees surrounding the lagoon. You will also spot some dotted about at Sunny Step, another new location in Fortnite Season 8.

To earn the Palm Tree Glider, all you need to do is win a match and become the victor. Although it is quite difficult, you should be able to at least win a match by time Season 8 ends, which is about 69 days from now.

If you manage to claim you Free Season 8 Battle Pass by completing the Overtime missions, there will be more challenges for you to complete to get you started on levelling up your Battle Pass Skins. Week 1 Challenges are now available for you to complete.

If you didn’t claim your free Season 8 Battle Pass, you can still purchase the Battle Pass in Fortnite store.

Fortnite Season 8 week 1 challenges list both Free and Battle Pass challenges, so if you do not own the Battle Pass, the link will still help you out.


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