Limited Field Research focuses on the Water- and Grass-type Pokémon Lotad. However, keep an eye out for other Pokémon that are affected by weather, sometimes appearing in Shiny Forms.

The Limited Research returns in Pokémon Go, focusing on Pokémon affected by weather conditions. Tasks obtained by spinning Photo Discs and nearby Pokéstops will gift you the chance to encounter the water weed Pokémon, Lotad. The weather also brings out Castform in its normal form that can learn the move Weather Ball which is now a permanent move in Pokémon Go.

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The time and date for the Weather-focused Limited Research event is scheduled for 30th March 2019, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in your local time zone.

Shiny Lotad

To claim a Shiny Lotad, you will first need to collect Limited Research Tasks by spinning Photo Discs at Pokéstops. Once you have completed the tasks, it will lead to encounters with Lotad. From here on out, it is pot luck whether you will encounter normal or Shiny Lotad. If you are unfortunate and it is a normal version of the Water and Grass-type Pokémon, you can repeat Limited Research Tasks to encounter Lotad again and track down the Shiny form.

Use this opportunity to collect many Lotad as possible to collect enough Pokémon candy to evolve your Lotad into Lombre and then into Ludicolo. You will need 25 candies to evolve Lotad into Lombre and then a further 100 Pokémon candies to evolve your Lombre into Ludicolo.

To get Shiny Lombre or Shiny Ludicolo, you will need to evolve your Shiny Lotad.

Lotad Evolutions

Shiny Castform

Castform comes in four forms, Sunny Form, Rainy Form, Snowy Form and Normal Form. The form the Pokémon takes is Weather dependant which also changes the Pokémon type and skill it learns.

During harsh sunlight, it changes into Sunny Form and becomes a Fire-type Pokémon. If the weather is raining, Castform transforms into Rainy Form and becomes a Water-type. The weather Pokémon will appear in Snowy Form during Hail storms becoming Ice-type. Lastly, the Pokémon takes normal form during, clear, cloudy or windy weather and will be a Normal-type Pokémon.

In Pokémon Go, once a particular Castform form has spawned, it won’t change form if the weather then changes later on. In addition, the weather Pokémon will only take up one slot in your Pokédex but you can view all forms by selecting it.

During the Limited Research event, the Normal Form will be making an appearance. In this time, you can venture out and encounter Castform normal form out in the wild. If you are lucky enough, you may stumble across a Shiny Castform.

Castform Forms