Epic Games Exclusive World War Z Sells Over 1 Million Copies During Its First Week

The new Co-op thriller Zombie action game by Saber Interactive is congratulated by Epic Games for its successful launch

World War Z has exploded on the scene having sold over 1 million copies within its debut week. A Co-op gameplay where you and your friends take on a mass of zombies. Handling anything you can get your hands on to use as weapons.

The third-person shooter game is developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive and exclusively sold with the Epic Store. Epic Games responding to Saber Interactive to congratulate them on their achievement via Twitter.

The team behind the zombie game thanked PC users for their tremendous support having sold over 250,000 on the Epic Store alone and helping defy expectation. The rest of the sales comprise a combination of Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 copies sold where the zombie apocalyptic World War Z game is available.

World War Z Saber Interactive Co-op Zombie Game
World War Z – Saber Interactive

World War Z sees four players team up in a Co-operative gameplay to fight against a mass horde of zombies. To give you an idea of the scale of incoming zombies you have to clear, World War Z can have up to 1,000 zombies appearing on the screen simultaneously.

Each player is able to choose a class from six classes that gives their characters extra perks. Unlocking new perks and weapons designed for each class as you progress in the game.

Hellraiser and gunslinger class specialises in explosive weapons, Exterminator class focuses on crowd control and Fixer, Medic, Slasher classes all use some form of melee weapons.

Time to kill some zombies!


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