Fortnite the dominating Battle Royale kings never seem to put a step wrong. Constantly working hard to enhance the game by producing new skins, LTMs and many cosmetics. They do however acknowledge that there’s still room for advancement. Which is why Epic Games have announced Spatial audio updates are in development.

If you’re a fan of shooters then you’ll be all too familiar with the fact that hearing an enemy close by can help you decide if you should fight or take flight. Until now, this has been an inadequate point for Fortnite. Although you can hear footsteps, the sound does not provide enough information to the players to aid effectively in fights.

Epic Game‘s development plans aim to improve:

  • Better detection of players footsteps, significantly towards above/below steps.
  • Increased accuracy of where the footsteps are coming from.
New Glider Sound alerts Fortnite

Also covered in the audio update are cosmetic sounds from items such as gliders. If a player is Gliding behind you, you’ll now receive an audio cue to inform you someone is close by. The notification sound added will be like a car driving past.

  • Hear when a player is gliding nearby.
  • Tell the difference between skydiving and gliding players.
  • Able to hear gliders at a further distance than previously.

This news is very exciting for players that are used relying on sound to play shooter games to a higher level. There’s no official release date for the audio updates as they’ve only just gone into development there may be a chance we don’t them feature at all during Fortnite season 6.