Two types of Essences exist, Orange and Blue, and is the fundamental ingredient used to exchange for League Of Legends content. Essences can be used as in-game currency or used for forging. But whatever you do with your Essences, you will need plenty. That is if you want to have a good collection of cosmetics and to have your favourite champions unlocked.

Follow this guide to help you collect for Essences and understand the difference between Orange Essences(OE) and Blue Essences(BE) along with the content they unlock.

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What Are Essences?

Essences are components for the Hextech Crafting system or treated as in-game currency. Two types of Essences exist, Blue Essences(BE) and Orange Essences(OE).

Blue Essences

If you have enough BE you can treat this as in-game currency and buy champions in the Riot store. Not only can you buy champions with your BE, but you can also purchase other content like an extra rune page. Browse through the store and look for the BE icon for all content you can buy with your BE.

Here is an example of the Riot store full of champions you can purchase with your BE. Notice different champions vary on how much BE you need to spend.

Instead of using BE on content within the Riot store, forge them with Champion Shards using the Hextech Crafting system.

Why am I telling this?

You can reduce the amount of BE spent on a champion you are trying to get. If a champion you can purchase at the Riot store cost 6300, by forging BE with Champion Shards it will only cost you 3780 BE.

What’s the catch?

You must have the Champion Shard for the champion you wish to unlock in your inventory. You get Champion Shards from Hextech Chest, Orbs or Capsules.

Orange Essences

Unlike Blue Essences, you only use OE in the Hextech Crafting System and on cosmetic content. Forging OE with cosmetic content is done in the same way you would forge Blue Essences with Champion Shards. OE is very rare, therefore the drop rates are extremely low from Hextech Chest, Capsules or Orbs.

If you are looking to unlock a skin for a specific champion, you must already own the champion before you can add the skin you have forged to your collection.

Choose your cosmetic content wisely.

How To Collect Blue Essences?

Mission Rewards

You can collect BE by completing missions that offer BE as a reward. One mission ‘ First Win Of The Day’ repeats every day and always rewards BE upon completion. Our mission guide here will give you a more in-depth analysis on missions.

Hextech Chest

There is a small chance to receive BE when you open a Hextech Chest.  This is an additional extra to your current reward. More information on Hextech can be found here.

Capsules or Orbs

Like Hextech Chest you have the opportunity to receive BE in an addition to your current reward.

Looking for ways to obtain Capsules or Orbs? Check out Capsules And Orbs Guide (League of Legends).

Disenchant Champion Shards

Using the Hextech Crafting system you can disenchant Champion Shards and receive BE in return. The amount of BE you will receive depends on the quality of the Champion Shard. For a more in-depth guide, head over to Hextech Crafting system guide.

Why Fewer Blue Essences Compare To Influence Points?

Since the change from IP (Influence Points) to Blue Essence (BE), players have noticed they’re receiving fewer BE compare to when it was IP. Is this caused for some concern? No, as sometimes less is more. That statement is true. With the old IP system, you would receive ‘x’ amount of IP for every matchmade game. The new system, you would receive BE from various methods explained above.

So what is the catch?

Even though you are receiving fewer BE, you can spend less on champions. For example, using the IP system, a champion that cost 6300 IP will cost you 6300 IP. Using the BE system, you can spend 6300 BE on the same champion. But if you own a Champion Shard, it will cost you 3780 BE. This is a big reduction. If you converted this back over to the old system, it will work out under 6300 IP.

Players thought this was less rewarding. You need to wait until you levelled up, disenchant champion shards or take a chance of getting them through Hextech chests to earn Blue Essences. To combat these issues, Riot has increased the number of missions offered to the players to ensure it rewards them for playing League of Legends.

How to collect Orange Essences?

Orange Essences are much harder to come by then BE. You can get them from Hextech Boxes, Capsules, Orbs which is rare or by disenchanting Skin Shards.

The easiest method for obtaining OE is by purchasing them from the Riot store with Riot points (RP). This is part of a bundle of Hextech Chest and keys.

From the image below you can see the bundles that contain OE with the OE icon attached to them.

League Of Legends Riot Store Key Orange Essence Bundles

That is all there is to it for Essences, you can check our related guides below.

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