Rare Gemstone can be purchased at the Essence Emporium with Blue Essences

The rare Gemstones within League Of Legends will soon be easy to obtain. For a limited time only, you will be able to spend your Blue Essences, League Of Legends in-game currency to get your hands on some.

Where To Get Gemstones?

To mark the start of pre-season the Essence Emporium is returning offering premium content by spending your Blue Essences instead of actual money. At the Essence Emporium, you can view exclusive content, Mystery Boxes and other goodies. It also includes the rare Gemstones but at a price.

The cheapest Gemstone will set you back 50,000 Blue Essences.

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This will be the easiest way to get these rare Gemstones as the only other way is to rely on your luck through opening Hextech Chest. The probability of receiving a Gemstone is extremely low.

This will be a perfect opportunity to gather some Gemstones.

When Is The Essence Emporium Available?

It will be available from 11:00 a.m. (PT) on 20th November until 11:59 p.m. (PT) on the 3rd of December 3, 2018.

Purpose Of The Gemstones

A Gemstone is essential if you would like to unlock exclusive content when forging Gemstones within the Hextech crafting section of the League Of Legends client.

All Hextech Skins In LoL

Here is a list of the exclusive content you can receive from Gemstones

All champions skin require 10 Gemstones to forge into one skin shown above. The ward skin requires 5 Gemstones.