Winning the Pokemon Go Battle League will earn yourself Pickachu Libre!

The rollout has begun with Pokémon Go new Battle League. Players with the highest trainer level are the first to receive the new feature, gradually becoming available to other trainers shortly. The staggered rollout its to ensure server stability, so users can use the Pokémon Go app without loss of quality of service.

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Go Battle League

The Pokémon Go Battle League allows players to rank against their fellow trainers by battling against each other in Pokémon Battles online, earning rewards and prizes based on your current rank. It has already been revealed that trainers have a chance to encounter Pickachu Libre exclusively via participation in the Go Battle League. Earning better rewards as you climb the ranks.

Pickachu Libre Go Battle League
Pickachu Libre Go Battle League

Player participating in the Pokémon Go Battle League will rotate between three leagues, Great League, Ultra League and Master League with Each rotation lasting for 2 weeks.

The Go Battle League is currently in Preseason stage (for all of those fortunate to have access to Battle League) where trainers will battle in the Great League rotating to the Ultra League on 10th February 2020 at 1 pm (PST). Followed by the Master League that will commence 24th February 2020 at the same time of 1 pm (PST).

Once the Master League time is up, the league will rotate back to the Great League.

Entering the Go Battle League will unlock five league battle online. This can be done at a maximum three times a day. Trainers can earn Stardust or battle-related items like Rare Candies and TMs.

How to enter Go Battle League in Pokémon Go?

There are two ways to join a Go Battle League session:-

  • Walk a minimum of 5km
  • Exchange Pokécoins to purchase “Battle Now”

The first option requires no additional purchases but you would have to walk a minimum of 5km.

Purchasing the Battle Now requires you to spend your Pokecoins. If you have no Pokecoins left, you will need to top up and purchase a bundle of Pokécoin in the store with real money. However, there are still some limitations.

Players who think they can join Go Battle League battles without walking are out of luck. All trainers must walk at least 2km, no matter what. On the bright side, the more you walk, the costs of Battle Now decreases.

Premium Battle Pass vs Free Battle Pass

Going forward, Premium Battle Pass will be the new name for Premium Raid Passes. Purchasing this pass will allow trainers to enter Raid Battle like before, but it will also grant access to the premium track in Go Battle League.

Everyone battling in the Go Battle League earns rewards however, Premium Battle Pass owners will enjoy better rewards each time you win. Including small perks that reduce the number of wins needed for an exclusive encounter.

For those who are worried whether Premium Battle Passes will give trainers an advantage over those who do not have a Premium Battle Pass, can relax. It does not affect rank or ratings, it only gives better rewards and perks.

What’s Next…

Once preseason is over, everyone rank partially resets prior to the start of Go Battle League Season 1. However, you will still keep all your rewards from battle participation and winning.

The date for Season 1 is still under wraps, so check back soon for an update on Pokemon Go Battle League Season 1.