Finding the grind unbearable in Mortal Kombat 11? Users have shared online various tips and exploits to collect MK11 hearts and beat the grind

The most successful franchise of the Series so far, Mortal Kombat 11 is a worldwide hit amongst its fans. NetherRealm Studio has enhanced the latest instalment of MK11 the gruesome fighting game by changing up how Gears works. Adding Augments, introducing new fighters along with the games iconic Finishing Move, Fatalities and more.

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However, Mortal Kombat 11 has recently been heavily criticised for the amount of grinding players have to endure when collecting and farming for Hearts, one of three MK11 in-game currency. This led players to share tips and exploit online to make the grind less gruelling. Using either an exploit or choosing the best fighter with specific AI builds like a Noob Saibot Bot AI to fight for you and earn those precious hearts.

There are three ways to collect Hearts, performing Fatalities, performing Brutalities or using Scorpion spear on corpses in Krypt mode. Five Hearts are gained from performing Fatalities and Brutalities or two to three Hearts by using Scorpion’s spear.

Hearts are essential to open up the best chest in the Krypt, unlocking Gears and Augments for your fighter. Chests can cost 100 Hearts or as much as 250 Hearts, therefore, requires serious grinding to collect those hearts.

MK11 Exploit

Players have found an exploit that can speed up earning Hearts getting to your goal of unlocking chests quickly. Here is what you need to do…

First, head to Goro’s Lair by taking the lift and enter The Kollectors room. Pull the guy hanging on your left using Scorpion spear to earn two to three Hearts.

Goro's Lair MK11 Heart Farming Location
Goro’s Lair – Heart Farming Location – Mortal Kombat 11

Take the lift back up and then head straight back down, repeating the process over and over. A little tedious but it helps to collect hearts. Every time you go back down to grab the hanging guy; his body will be closer to the lift making it somewhat easier.

Noob Saibot AI Settings

Injustice 2, NetherRealms other fighter game, implemented a system that lets you have the computer control your fighter and earn rewards for you. The same feature is implemented in Mortal Kombat 11, allowing users to customise and build their own AI fighter.

Players have been testing various builds of each fighter in order to create the most powerful AI bot to help obtain Hearts. One popular build is Noob Saibot AI Bot as the karacter performs extremely well in MK11 endless towers, using Fatalities and Brutalities.

One main problem players face is that they have to sit through and watch the fight. After each fight, players must press a button to continue to the next fight. Nobody wants to watch an AI bot play, so crafty users have found ways to automate this process. Leaving them to go to work, study or any other activity whilst the AI bot is left doing the grinding.

When customising their AI fighter, players have 60 attribute points to distribute between six Behaviour traits. For the popular Noob Saibot AI settings, Distribute 30 points each to Kombos and Reversals leaving the others with 0 points. (Below is a default screen of what the AI Behaviour will look like).

Noob Saibot AI Settings MK11
Default Noob Saibot AI Bot Settings – Mortal Kombat 11

Update: As users have spent more time configuring the AI to try and maximise its potential, a newer configuration has been adopted that seems to be superior than the 30/30 distribution.

For a more rounder AI Bot, distribute the points accordingly, 12 Grapple, 17 Rushdown, 26 Kombo, 5 Reversal. You can apply these settings to other Karacters such as Baraka, Lui Kang and Sonya.

Under the abilities tab, select Spirit Ball, Shadow Portals and (Air) Sickle Port or if would like to try an alternative version choose Ghostball, (Air) Tele Slam and Shadow Slide.

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