Riot Games League Of Legends has just released footage on their YouTube channel teasing Ezreal fans of the new visual updates they have brought to Ezreal. Not only will Ezreal receive new visuals he will also get a brand new skill that will replace current skill Essence Flux (W skill), however, skill name will stay the same. Plus, there is a new bio and lore update to complete his make-over.

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The Ezreal visual update doesn’t just change the appearance of the champion. It also changes his animations and interactions. It‘s as if you are playing a newly released champion for the first time.

Due to the reworked Ezreal animations, all of Ezreal skins would also have to be reworked to match his new character model, otherwise, he cannot fit into his Pulse Fire suit.

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Ezreal new visual upgrade sees Riot following the same trend of blending characters, with League Of Legends new modern look. Creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment for players or fans that watch it. The new modern trend started all the way back when Summoners Rift received its own visual update.

Updating the visuals does not only make the gameplay feel smoother and aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps with the optimisation of the game itself. As new code is added with each patch and newer technologies are introduced, it can be a burden to the infrastructure when using old code or practices. This helps keeps the game fresh and in great shape for the future of League Of Legends.

New Version Of Essence Flux

All Ezreal skills have had visual and animation updates but the skills itself has remained the same except for one. Essence Flux seems similar to the old version of the skill but with noticeable changes. The animation is different due to the new character model update, but it still looks like the same linear skill shot like the previous version of Essence Flux. However, it appears the skill shot has a much slower travel speed. Another noticeable change is when the skill contacts a champion. Similar to lux binding it leaves a mark as if Ezreal will have amplified damage when other skills hit, consuming the mark when the damage has been applied. This differs from his previous skill as the skill passes all the way through the enemy whilst causing damage.

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Screen grabs from the video

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