Months in the making, is Riot Games about to drop the anticipated rework of Fiddlesticks?

It has been widely known for a few months now, Riot Games is working on reworking two iconic champions from League of Legends, Volibear and Fiddlesticks. The thunderous Volibear was the first champion to get teased at the start of LoL 10th Season and now we finally get a small snippet of the harbinger of doom, known to everyone as Fiddlesticks.

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Moments ago, Riot Games drop a teaser trailer captioned “Terror in Demacia” via Twitter. In the small terrifying footage, you get a glimpse of the scarecrow himself.

Riot Games have been discussing some of the elements the new rework the team will focus on, and that is to make Fiddlesticks scarier than ever. From looks of the teaser, it appears they are keeping their word.

Now the question on everyone mind, when is Fiddlesticks going to be released?. Well, it might be sooner than you think.

Typically, when Riot drops a huge bombshell like this, its only a matter of a few hours before players can see it on League of Legends PBE server.

We will have to wait to find out once more information is released.

Are you excited for a more terrifying Fiddlesticks?