Kled and Camille debuted in 2016 with Kled arriving in August before Camille was announced. Camille followed suit later on in the year when she made her appearance in December.

Each champion that is released always receive an alternative skin. Camille had her Program Camille skin whereas Kled had Sir Kled. However, neither of these champions is yet to receive another skin and fans are so desperately waiting for news if any should arise.

Why Are We Mentioning These Two?

Putting it simply, both champions are one of the most frequently ask about when Riot announces new upcoming skins.

When one fan, who mains Kled, had the opportunity to ask the same old question in an ask Riot Post. Anna ‘Supercakes’ Donlon,  Riot Games product manager responded with a surprise for the lucky fan. Not only did she reveal that there is, in fact, a Kled skin in the works, but there is one for Camille too.

“Yes, we’re working on one now. It should be out by the end of the year, and so should a new skin for Camille!”

Anna ‘Supercakes’ Donlon

There is no exact date on when we should the skin available to us but we know Riot has plans to release it within the next few months.

Riot Plans

Riot is trying hard to satisfy everyone requests and has made some decent progress meeting them.

Take, for instance, Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol was another champion that had no skins since Riot introduced the space dragon to League Of Legends. After months and months of waiting, Riot gave Aurelion Sol players something to cheer about with the release of Mecha Aurelion Sol skin, which was first introduced early in the year.

Not only did they release Aurelion Sol skin but several other champions received that long overdue update with Riot planning to make more.

In case you missed the announcement by Anna ‘Supercakes’ Donlon regarding the upcoming skins back in March. Check out the video below where it reveals which champion will have skins released for them this year.