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First Look Of LoL Qiyana Skills And In-Game Action

Qiyana champion reveal trailer is now out as the AD Assassin shows off her magical prowess

After hours of releasing a small teaser unveiling League of Legends newest champion, Qiyana: Empress of the Elements, a full champion reveal trailer is released. Eager fans can get a first look at LoL new AD assassin skills and in-game action.

“Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, takes what is rightfully hers: a throne, a kingdom, a world.”

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Qiyana: Empress of the Elements

League of Legends newest champions is a highly mobile AD burst assassin that draws elemental power from her surroundings enchanting her weapon in the process.

With the ability to control and manipulate as many as three elements make Qiyana one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. The Empress of Elements skills are determined by the element she currently controls, so players will need to learn how to position and take advantage of many situations and her surroundings.

Qiyana Abilities

Qiyana Passive Royal Privilege League of Legends

Passive – Royal Privilege

The first attack or ability against an enemy champ deals bonus damage. This cooldown resets when she draws a new element.

Qiyana Q Edge of Ixtal League of Legends

Q – Edge of Ixtal

Qiyana slashes the area in front of her dealing damage. If her weapon is using an element, her weapon hurls forward as a projectile and explodes.

  • River – Roots opponents on hit.
  • Wall – Deals bonus damage to units with low health.
  • Brush – Leaves a stealth trail that gives movement speed.

W – Terrashape

Targeting an element, Qiyana dashes forward to gather its power. While enchanted, she gains movement speed near the element, attack speed, and bonus damage.

Qiyana E Audacity League of Legends

E – Audacity

Qiyana dashes a fixed distance towards a target, dealing damage to them.

Qiyana R Supreme Display of Talent League of Legends

R – Supreme Display of Talent

Qiyana creates a shockwave, knocking back enemies. Any River, Brush, or Wall hit by the shockwave then explodes dealing damage and briefly stunning enemies.


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