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With the highly anticipated Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium League due to be released in just over two days’ time, players are naturally starting to think ahead to what PoE 3.10 Starter Builds they’ll be trying out.

Unlike the boss focused Metamorph, Delirium appears to be more akin to breach. Meaning intense packs of monsters to deal with that’ll no doubt be more challenging overall then bosses per se. Our selected builds below mainly cater towards strong clear speeds, however, most are no slouch at single target damage either.

It’s critical to note that while builds in 3.10 should aim to possess good clear they’ll also need to be sufficiently mobile. Due to the Delirium mechanics, the fog will move and therefore builds will need to be able to clear fast and move swiftly.

Delirium 3.10 Best Loot Filters

PoE Delirium Builds

In Path of Exile Delirium, the league mechanic requires very specific builds depending on what you’ll like to achieve out of each encounter. When activating the Mirror of Delirium, a fog covers a large area of the map, however, the fog is not static and will move in one direction. If you do not move with it, the fog will blow past and end the encounter. This presents a few things to think about in terms of potential Starter builds for 3.10.

Our PoE 3.10 Delirium Best league Starter guide will attempt to offer builds that cover all possible aspects of the new Delirium mechanics. Whether you’re looking to clear large packs fast as the fog moves or dash right to the boss and dish out a ton of single target damage, our PoE starter builds will do the trick. Check out our Best 3.10 Delirium League Magic Find Builds for the rich Exiles!

Best Path of Exile: Delirium Start Builds

Best PoE Builds 3.10
Best PoE Builds 3.10

The Perfect Frostbolt/Ice Nova Hierophant

Scaling of life, mana, and energy shield to get an impressive eHP, Arcinde’s Frostbolt/Ice Nova build is perfect for smooth clear speed and impressive boss damage by utilizing the skill’s shotgun mechanics. This PoE 3.10 Starter Build exploits the unique interactions between Frostbolt and Ice Nova – When you cast Ice Nova with a Forstbold projectile active the skill expands from the Forstbolts rather than the player. Paired with the support gem Spell Echo, and you’ve got yourself a shotgun chain without any character slowdown.

Hierophant is not the only variant of this Path of Exile 3.10 Starter build and can easily be adapted to better suit each individual playstyle. Impressively, this build does not require a ton of investment to become viable, however, it does maintain enormous scaling options to really push your character to the max.

Why is this build good for PoE: Delirium 3.10 Encounters?

  • Smooth clear speed and fast mobility to keep up with the fog
  • Impressive solo target damage
  • Scalable options (Cluster nodes)
  • High eHP that transcends to all content in the game.

View Frostbolt/ Ice Nova 3.10 Delirium starter build

3.10 King of all Summoners Delirium Starter Build

Summoners were nerfed as listed in the patch notes, but will still be viable nonetheless. The mechanics of Summoners are great for survival due to their taunt taking aggro from us, while they remain pack smashing boss wrecking machines.

brunowa’s 3.10 build should be fantastic as a league starter, however, throughout the early levels, the loss of 40% percent damage will be felt if you’ve played summoners before. Don’t let this discourage you though as the nerf was needed and the changes have simply made them strong instead of absurdly OP.

Why is this build good for PoE: Delirium 3.10 Encounters?

  • The build starts at level 10
  • Skele/Zombies clear packs relatively fast and on autopilot so you can move with the fog freely.
  • Great boss damage
  • High survivability.

View King of All Summoners 3.10 Delirium Starter Build

3.10 Delirium Enki’s Arc Witch

I wonder if this build will ever NOT feature in our best starter builds for Path of Exile. Untouched in PoE 3.10, Enki’s build remains one of the most reliable starter builds for new players. With the new expandable passive tree, this build could unexpectedly be in a better spot than it was in 3.9.

Arc’s been through the runner, nerfed and buffed multiple times throughout PoE’s history. The beauty in the skill is its flexible simplicity. Exiles can decide how they want to use the skill, whether in a main setup, Totems or even as a utility. However you eventually decide to use the skill, Enki’s PoE 3.10 build guide will set you on the right tracks.

Why is this build good for PoE: Delirium 3.10 Encounters?

  • Very cheap – Build can work wonders on easy self-found items.
  • All map mods and bosses viable
  • Noob friendly

View Enki’s Arch Witch 3.10 Delirium Starter Build

3.10 Cyclone Impale Champion Starter Build

Ever since the melee rework Cyclone has been a no brainer. It’s now super reliable, can provide a ton of damage and best of all Impale was left untouched in 3.10! There are literally hundreds of diverse varieties to Cyclone builds, and my personal preference is ones that utilize Facebreaker.

Like most melee builds to get the most damage out of your exile, it’s gonna cost you. The skill gem is still a remarkably strong starter build option, however, the more you invest over time can drastically transform how easy the game’s content will be.

Why is this build good for PoE: Delirium 3.10 Encounters?

  • Impale is possible the best Melee option in the game right now
  • Can run on very little currency
  • Mobile

View 3.10 Cyclone Build Delirium Starter Build

3.10 Caustic Arrow Raider

Prefer using a bow as your weapon of choice? DankawSL’s Caustic Arrow will be the ideal starter build for 3.10. Untouched in Delirium, Caustic Arrow is fun, has excellent durability, stable clearing, and single-target, and is just a nice change in speed compare to other builds.

Luckily, with bows allowing for another six links, there’s plenty of scaling available with this build. So as you level with this budget starter build, more power will naturally be unlocked! Some of the recommended end game items are expensive and something worth considering when picking this build as your PoE 3.10 Delirium league starter

Why is this build good for PoE: Delirium 3.10 Encounters?

  • A cheap starter build with high scaling
  • High evasion + dodge
  • Can run any map mod including no regen at fast speed.

View PoE 3.10 Caustic Arrow Starter Build