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The wait for Legends of Runeterra to enter open beta is finally over and players can now plunge into the card-collecting action. There are currently six major League of Legends regions to choose from and 24 champion cards to provide lots of extra options when it comes to crafting the ultimate deck.

Those who played Hearthstone, Artifact, and Gwent should feel right at home, but there are a couple of notable distinctions that help separate Legends of Runeterra from the bulk of the CCG crowd.

Legends Of Runeterra Tips
Legends Of Runeterra Tips

Although past experience in other card games can help players understand the game. Players will still need to understand the fundamental mechanics, card combos, synergies, and how to combat prominent strategies if you want to overcome your opponents. Fortunately, in our Legends of Runeterra guide, I’ll go through a handful of useful LoR tips summarized by five fundamental categories.

Legends of Runeterra Turn Tips

One aspect of the game that may be foreign to many players is the way each turn functions. Players don’t solely take one go each and the turn ends, instead, there are many “micro rounds” know as actions that act as a back and forth between you and your opponent. This gives LoR a unique strategic twist, so your decision making will be key.

Depending on whether you have the attack marker or not, players will need to get creative. For example, if the opponent possesses no blockers, attacking right away, prevents them from placing down any units until after the attack (not including counterspells). Consequently, if you’re playing an Aggro deck, you might find it’s worth attacking as the first move as it doesn’t give the opponent a chance to play any blockers.

Optionally, players can purposely pass a turn to save mana until after the opponent has made their move to efficiently set up a counter. Read the board, decide when best to attack, set up combos, and use the Oracle’s Eye to make sure you haven’t miscalculated anything.

Legends Of Runeterra Oracles Eye
Legends Of Runeterra Oracles Eye

LoR Mana and Spell Mana

Another unique feature about this game that may puzzle many people is the two types of Mana LoR offers – regular Mana and Spell Mana.

  • Mana: Used to place cards on the board. Starting the game with one mana and the number of mana gems each player receives increases based on the round number to a cap of 10.
  • Spell Mana: Unspent Mana from the previous round is given back in the form of Spell Mana to a maximum of three.

Spell Mana represents a primary way to incorporate a comeback mechanic. If a player draws badly in a particular round, the unspent mana can be used in the upcoming round to reciprocate the bad dealings of the previous turn. While this can be remarkably effective in the early game and for using counterspells, it can also set up powerful combos in the later stages.

Legends of Runeterra Battle Tips

Learning and utilizing the battle priority to your full advantage will without a doubt win you more games. The attack phase is prioritized from left to right, even in your opponents turn. So units on the left will use its ability first and it’ll also attack first. Once again I recommend using Oracle’s Eye to provide further clarification as to how each battle sequence will play out.

Depending on what’s going on in the round, this can be super important. An example would be units that spawn when attacking. Placing them on the far left will cause the spawn to happen at the beginning of the attack sequence causing the spawns to fill up the board and add to your attacking force.

Each player can have a maximum of six units that can attack or be summoned at one time. Using the previous example, if you’ve got two summoning units and the furthest left unit summons have filled up the board, the next unit’s summons will not spawn. So it’s vital you utilize battle priority to maximum effect else it could end up punishing you.

Legends of Runeterra Deckbuilding Tips

Our full deckbuilding guide will be available soon, in this guide, however, we’ll be focused on how to maximize the chance at securing the cards you want for your build.

After every game, you’ll receive XP and points that go towards the Vault and most importantly, in this case, Region-specific points. When planning a build, think about the two regions in which the deck will be comprised of and select one of them as your Region of choice.

By executing this, you’ll unlock rewards like Capsules and chests that contain Region-specific cards. This will allow you the opportunity to collect cards for your build freely. To select which Region, you would like to progress, head to the Rewards tab on the main screen and select “Change Region” in the top left.

Select Region Lor
Select Region LoR
Region Specific Rewards Legends Of Runeterra
Region Specific Rewards Legends Of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra Gameplay Tips

Here are some quick-fire tips that can help with your LoR gameplay knowledge.

  • You cannot heal above your starting 20 health. Unlike games like Heartstone. Lifesteal or healing won’t overheal.
  • Daily quest can be re-rolled two times a day. Use this to gamble for more appropriate rewards.
  • Two of the same champions cannot be played simultaneously, duplicated Champion cards when in your hand will change one into their spell variant. A copy of the champion will be shuffled back into your deck. There are a few exceptions to this, most noticeably cloning cards with spells.
  • Players can recall a blocking unit with spells. If you block a unit during your opponent’s attack phase and then use a spell or ability that recalls a unit, you can in fact bring them back before the battle has started but it will still prevent the enemy unit from attacking the Nexus. However, do not perform this to an enemy that has the Overwhelm stat, as this unit will hit your nexus for full damage.