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Floating Island In Fortnite Will Cause Volcanoes Pits To Appear?

Leaks Suggest That Kevin The Cube Will Visit The Rune Locations

Twitter users AyeTSG and Lucas7yoshi have uncovered data which has revealed the path the cube will take, confirming parts of my theory.

The floating island that has Kevin the cube attached at the bottom, will be heading in the direction of the rune areas that Kevin created during the end of season 5. The path was revealed due to an exploit with Fortnite‘s replay system in which others have reported as a glitch.

Fortnite Floating Island Moving To Rune Location Alt
Fortnite Floating Island Moving To Rune Location

Screengrab via lucas7yoshi Video

The giant whirlpool is left behind as the floating island moves on from Loot Lake taking with it the tornado which prevented you from going near the whirlpool. You are sucked up into the air that the tornado carries you to the island floating at the top

Fortnite Caught By The Tornado

Now players are able to get close and explore the whirlpool and even jump in the middle of it. Unfortunately, there is no endless, bottomless pit but there is a layer which bounces you straight back out. It is the same bouncy stuff what the cube turned Loot Lake into when it fell into the lake.

Fortnite Whirlpool
Fortnite Close Look At Whirlpool

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From the datamined files, it has revealed volcano pits will spawn at the rune locations when the floating island reaches the rune areas.

Fortnite Rune Location Volcano Pits
Fortnite Rune Location Volcano Pits Alt

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