Fortnite v9.40 latest leaks. Fortbyte image completed, Doggus fully built and Doggus leaked loading screen.

Patch v9.40 update is complete and dataminers wasted no time at all diving into the latest files. Like usual, we can expect to find many new leaked cosmetics including Skins, Pickaxes, Gliders and Back Blings. The latest update, however, is a little more unique than usual due to the impending battle between Doggus and Cattus and Fortnite’s second birthday event.

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Fortbytes were introduced at the start of Fortnite Season 9, with a minimum of one Fortbyte teased every day. Today, the last remaining Fortbyte will be released. Once all Fortbytes have been found, players will be able to fully decrypt the secret image for season 9. You can see the Fortbyte image completed below.

Fortbyte Image Completed
Fortbyte Image Completed

Bunker Jonesy knew what was coming the whole time! Shown in the completed Fortbyte image you can see what appears to be the final showdown between Cattus and Doggus.

Doggus naturally, will be completed by then and thanks to leaks from prolific Fortnite Leaker FortTory we can now see what the robot will look like once it’s built. First is the Leaked Doggus Loading Screen.

Fortnite Leaked Loading Screen Doggus
Doggus Pressure Plant Loading Screen Leaked

That’s one mean looking robot…Kinda. Will it have what it takes to defeat Cattus or will all the hard work go to waste and crumble before our eyes? Find out when the event goes live on Saturday, 20th July at 7 PM BST.