Getting into the Christmas spirit, Epic Games gives Fortnite Battlegrounds a make-over, new and old LTMs and of course the festive outfits. Are you ready for a Fortnight of Fortnite?

Epic Games is ready to begin the 14 days of Fortnite seasonal event coming to Fortnite. The festive event will see Snowball Launchers, Legendary Festive Bushes, holiday outfits that will appear daily and both new and old LTM’s. Furthermore, it will feature new challenges every day during the Fortnight of Fortnite that offers free rewards once the challenge is successfully completed.

Fortnight of Fortnite Snowball Launchers Legendary Festive Bushes and More Snowball Launcher
Snowball Launcher – Fortnite | Epic Games

Fortnight of Fortnight

The 14 days of Fortnite seasonal will start on the 19th December (tomorrow for most people). You have just under a day to get used to the new winter themed settings. Where you’ll see snow in more places, Christmas lights, Christmas trees and the festive loot such as the Snowball Launchers.

Snow continues to melt at Polar Peak where some users have reported you are able to explore into the castle itself.

You will need login every day to find out which modes will be available. Large team mode will be switching every two days, but smaller team modes will be changing every day.

Don’t forget to check the store for all the Festive cosmetic which will be rotating daily too. New leaked skins were also found in Fortnite Patch v7.10 data files. Showing off new festive and winter-themed skins that could be part of the 14 days of Fortnite seasonal event. This comes with the string of new leaked emotes and other cosmetics such as Pickaxes, Back Blings and Gliders etc.

Come back shortly to find out Day 1 of the Fortnight of Fortnite challenges and how to complete.

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poke lover
poke lover
1 year ago

this is awesome