Combining Shotgun Bullets with an arrow we have Fortnite newest Weapon the Boom Bow. Plus, the Snipper Shootout LTM

Fortnite update is only a content update so sadly no new files are added, meaning no further leaks. However, the leaked bow weapon from last week patch v8.20 update is now available, it is called the Boom Bow. We also have the usual bug fixes and LTM changes such as the Snipper Shootout LTM.

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Boom Bow

Fortnite Boom Bow Weapon
Boom Bow – Fortnite | Epic Games

Boom Bow is the latest addition to Fortnite weaponry. Forming parts of familiar pieces of weapons together, Fortnite has created an exciting new explosive bow.

Fortnite newest weapon looks like any ordinary modern Bow and Arrow but it wouldn’t be Fortnite without some modifications.

Usually, arrow tips are triangular and pointy that occasionally doused in poison or set alight to create a deadlier weapon but not this weapon. Arrow tips have been replaced with Shotgun Shells that causes an explosion on impact, introducing the new Boom Bow.

Due to the fact it uses Shotgun Shells the Boom Bow consumes one of your Shotgun bullets. Furthermore, the weapon can be charged up. The longer you hold down on the trigger button the further you pull the bow back, resulting in a more powerful and faster shot, causing more damage and mayhem.

The charge reaches its maximum power at 1.6 seconds with the explosive damage of the Boom Bow remaining constant regardless of shot damage.

Players will sustain two types of damage, the shot itself and the explosive damage. The shot damage will cause 15 damage and twice the damage for a headshot. Blast Damage is 100 damage.

Sniper Shootout LTM

The game mode will only drop sniper weapons that will see Floor Loot spawner reduced by 50% and Reviving disabled. Once you down, you are eliminated. Camp and get ready for a tense shootout, make the best aim winn!