Finally, it was a long road but Fortnite Android beta is now available for everyone to download. Previously you could only download Fortnite once Epic Games had granted you an invite. To download Fortnite Android Beta you must head to Epic games website and not the Google Play store. Due to Android being an open source platform Epic Games can bypass Google‘s 30 percent royalty fees by offering their game download directly from their website.

Fortnite Battle Royale has been a hit on every released platform. Since April Fortnite has been readily available on IOS, while the Android Release appeared to take a lifetime. Since Android is opensource, there’re many phone manufacturers, who re-skin, offer different specs and vary in power across Android phones. This makes it difficult for developers to offer applications or games that are fully optimized for all devices. This is why Epic Games had only a handful of devices to start of the beta.

There is still a limited device that supports the Fortnite Android beta, you can check the list of supported devices here.

Epic Games have stated the game will work best on devices running Google‘s Android Oreo (8.0) or later, devices on lower versions of Android may run into performance issues.

Here are Epic Games prerequisites for running the Fortnite Android beta.

  • OS: Recommended Android 8.0 or higher, 64 bit
  • RAM: Recommended 4GB or higher
  • GPU: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher

How to install Fortnite Android Beta

  • Firstly check that your device is compatible with Fortnite.
  • Go to from your mobile device and download the game.
  • Once downloaded you must make sure your phone allows the installation of third-party applications. To find out how to do this, use Google search and type something similar “Samsung s9 unknown sources” This should point you in the right direction. (Replace Samsung s9 With your Android device.)

Once Fortnite Android Beta installer is on your device, launch the application. Now simply wait for the game to update and enjoy!