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Fortnite Block: Alien Sanctuary By Pr0Spartaner

A monument of a giant statue and a place they can call home. We are not alone!

The newly featured Block design, Alien Sanctuary heads into Fortnite Battlegrounds after the content patch v8.51 update was applied. A place where a group of researchers have found and begun studying alien artefacts trying to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Is there life outside the realm of Fortnite?

When four pieces of relics disappear, panic and fear begin to set in as the pyramid begins to radiate…

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Alien Sanctuary

The alien-themed sanctuary is covered by black marble rock and pink wildflowers dotted around suggests it is pieces of the Alien homeworld.

Alien Sanctuary is relatively flat with a lot of open space, It is advised to take cover in the pyramid if you feel like someone is following you. You cannot miss the pyramid as it situated at the feet of a monstrous statue of an alien. A monument for the alien race to remind us, we are not alone.

Inside the pyramid, you will find yourself surrounded by alien technology as the research team continues studying the alien artefacts.

Navigating around the pyramid is easy as you are surrounded by stairs and circle shaped holes in between floors that your whole squad team can fit through. Although it seems very complex, it has a feel of simplicity and modern futuristic look about the place making it appear very spacious.

At the rear end of Alien Sanctuary are four black giant relics directly behind the statue. Take pictures of the relics as I get a sense of feeling they will not be around for much longer.

Alien Sanctuary: Island Code

If you would like to view Pr0Spartaner creation Alien Sanctuary in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.


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