Reminisce the good old days playing with toys you grew up with Fortnite’s latest block entry

Back when technology was less advanced and computers were only used to perform complex calculations, kids played with their toys on a giant play mat.

Armed with a suitcase full of all kinds of cars, pieces of tracks and buildings with no limit to your imagination. You create your perfect town full of stories. Explore Rallred84 vision with Custom Car Carpet within Fortnite’s Battlegrounds.

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Custom Car Carpark

Many of you may remember a time where your parents laid out a play mat for you to play with all your toys on when you were young. Spending hours placing cars, trucks, pieces of tracks or buildings and create your own little world.

Rallred84 block creation is a giant version of the play mat. A simple but imaginative design, reminding people of their youth.

The centre of the block is made up of neat little roads mapping out a small town. Surrounding the area are Hospitals, Fire station, schools and other buildings you associate of playing when you were young.

Plenty of toy cars can be seen all over Customer Car Carpark. Cars are either placed on race tracks or left toppled over which is a typical scenario once you have finished playing with them.

A popular toy of a giant truck can be spotted on the edges of the block. What made this toy popular is that the giant truck contained and housed a collection of cars within it. Storing all your favourite cars in one place.

Take a look at some of the scenery of Custom Car Carpark by Rallred84 from the gallery below

Custom Car Carpark Island Code

If you would like to view Rallred84 creation Custom Car Carpark in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.


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