Be careful exploring Firebase Omega as this maximum security prison holds Fortnite’s deadliest criminals

Dr. Doofennschmerz has become the latest #FortniteBlockParty entry winner with their user-content design on a maximum security prison known as Firebase Omega. Full with rows of prison cells, 24/7 surveillance and armed watchtowers, no one has ever managed to escape.

Are you able to sneak into Firebase Omega and find the Legendary Chest loot without being seen? Prepare for some resistance from violent criminals or the security guards fortifying the prison AKA.

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Firebase Omega

Firebase Omega designed and created by Dr. Doofenschmerz has been moved forward due to a glitch delaying what was supposed to be the next Fortnite block entry.

Users can now jump into Fortnite Battlegrounds and explore the maximum security prison. A fortress maze-like design but with no where to hide.

At every corner the labyrinthine block has laser barriers keeping the inmates confined in the area. Patrolling pathways on top floor covers every square inch of the area, allowing guards to keep a close eye on any activity.

Guard towers are strategically placed to oversee Firebase Omega surrounding area. Making sure the prison is secured both inside and outside.

Users will be able to discover Firebase Omega Legendary Chest located right in the middle of the block that has a wolf insignia on the outside the building. As soon you enter the building, break the first cell you will come across and the legendary chest is inside the cell.

Firebase Omega Island Code

If you would like to view Dr. Doofenschmerz creation Firebase Omega in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.


We will update the island code as soon as we get our hands on it

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