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Fortnite Block: Makas Modern Mansion by MakaMakes_YT

Take a break and enjoy the comforts of the luxury pad now featuring at the block

To kicks things off at the start of Season 9 is the new block rotation by MakaMakes_YT. A wealthy lake house mansion equipped with its very own helipad and yacht. Use this opportunity to sit back and relax and embrace all the changes and new features that have arrived with Fortnite Season 9. Including the Season 9 Battle Pass, Skins and the Fortbyte Challenges.

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Makas Modern Mansion

The new featured block Makas Modern Mansion is a luxury pad built on top of rocks. Surrounded by a body of water keeping the building isolated from the world.

Don’t worry, there a expensive yacht tethered to the building own dock. Ready to take you anywhere you want to go but if you get a little sea sick, there is always a helipad.

This clean slick modern mansion is furnish so you never have to leave. Making it the perfect getaway place to let you stop and think and plan for your next goal.

If a tan is what you are looking for then check out the sun beds next to some steps that lead down into a rock pool. Leaving you to relax and soak in the sun.

Don’t get too comfortable, there will be a lot of jealous folks out there, trying to be the richest and powerful person in Fortnite and claim victory.

Makas Modern Mansion: Island Code

If you would like to view MakaMakes_YT creation Makas Modern Mansion in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.


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