I never want to grow up! Fortnite latest featured block creation is a playground for pirates

Fortnite has rotated The block with TeamFusion design, Mythical Mayhem. The featured Block will have you crossing rope bridges, navigating the shallow waters and exploring the stilt houses of what appears to be the home to Pirates!

Are you ready for an adventure?

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Mythical Mayhem

Mythical Mayhem is now featuring within Fortnite Battleground after the newly featured Block had a little bit of mayhem of its own. TeamFusion creation was supposed to feature last week, but due to some glitches, it was delayed for a week. An adventure awaits…

The whole block is covered in water with the exception of a very small island right in the centre with a huge tree growing out from it. Do not worry about the boats left untied or thinking about exploring the small island as the water is very shallow you will be able to walk around on it.

If you don’t fancy getting wet, you can traverse through homes right next to the island and take the stairs leading directly on top of it.

Houses are built on stilts surround the edges of Mythical Mayhem where you are able to navigate to neighbour houses or small rock formations by rope bridges or by wooden decks and staircases. Watch out for broken bridges, you don’t want to get wet.

At night time you will see lanterns glowing, dangling from tree branches. Bright blue crystal waters reflecting the light of the moon, making it appear all magical and mythical. Reminding you of a place called Netherland, home of the kid pirates that never want to grow up.

Mythical Mayhem Legendary Chest Location

The Legendary chest is located at the root of the big tree in the centre of Mythical Mayhem

Mythical Mayhem TeamFusion Legendary Chest Location
Mythical Mayhem – TeamFusion | Legendary Chest Location

Mythical Mayhem Island Code

If you would like to view TeamFusion creation Mythical Mayhem in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.


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Swifx [Fusion]
Swifx [Fusion]
1 year ago

🙂 – Glad you like our block.