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Fortnite Block Rotation: CoLLAMAsseum by Zartbot features At The Block

Fortnite Block Rotation: CoLLAMAsseum by Zartbot features At The Block

Fortnite has revamped their Battlegrounds in Patch v7.30 featuring several changes. One, in particular, is The Block now features a CoLLAMAsseum by Zartbot. The map itself has the name of the Creator that reads Zartbot’s Block instead of the standard label “The Block.”

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Users can now drop in at the CoLLAMAsseum which is situatated at The Block, and explore the stadium inspired by NFL stadium. It took Creator Zartbot, real name Zack Finfrock many hours over the course of the week.

After Zartbot completed his design within Fortnite Creative mode, he submitted his entry to #FortniteBlockParty via Twitter. Once an entry is submitted, other users vote on the latest user-created entries where one is chosen to feature at The Block.

After more than a week, Zartbot wish came true. His creation is now famous, it is being shared all over social media and now features in one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite Battleground.

The NFL inspired stadium covers every minute detail of what you would expect to see at a typical NFL stadium. Football Pitch, Goal Posts, Rows of seats on many tiers, Flood Lights, Giant screen to display all the action and current scores and even a parking lot. Zartbot has put a lot of thought and effort to bring the CoLLAMAsseum to life.

CoLLAMAsseum Island Code

If you would like to view the CoLLAMAsseum in creative mode here is the island code: 4052-3215-4331

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Zack Finfrock
Zack Finfrock

Thanks for liking and showing off the CoLLAMAsseum! Funny note, Fortnite misspelled the name. It’s ZARTBOT, not ZARBOT! Honest mistake on their end and hopefully you’ll see it updated in the future. 🙂

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