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Fortnite Block: Salty Scorpion by FiveWalnut8586

The military and their armed helicopters take on a giant mechanical scorpion over at The Block

Reveal by dataminers, Salty Scorpion will make its way into Fortnite Battlegrounds. The #FortniteBlockParty entry is designed by FiveWalnut8586 where a giant mechanical Scorpion is set loose.

Causing destruction and mayhem, the Scorpion is about to unleash its wrath onto one of the main building left standing.

Can a handful of armed helicopters and the military immobilise the killing machine before it is too late?

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Salty Scorpion

Citizens of The Block are trying to evacuate as the killing machine, Salty Scorpion rips apart buildings and anything that stands in its way.

With most of the buildings currently destroyed, there are only a few places left to take cover. Small buildings around the perimeter of The Block remains upright, at least for now but the mechanical robot has its sight on the main tall building left standing.

Another safe place to keep out of harm’s way is by going inside the scorpion. The body of the monster is full of pathways and corridors leading to different sections. Newly added air vents will help you to climb up the outer skeleton shell of the Scorpion.

The AI Robots stinger is made up of stairways with a big laser cannon attached at the tip of its tail.

A control room is situated at the robot’s mouth. However, the controllers operating the machine have appeared abandoned their positions. Now the scorpion has a mind of its own.

Can it be stopped!

Salty Scorpion Island Code

If you would like to view FiveWalnut8586 creation Salty Scorpion in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.


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Joshua smith
Joshua smith
1 year ago

Why didn’t half the stuff render in in the replay shots (I built the map by da way)

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