Callum5tewart is Fortnite famous with his creation of Tricky Tracks now featuring at The Block

Tricky Tracks has replaced Cordial Courtyard with the release of Fortnite update patch v8.50. The courtyard has now been transformed into an overgrown abandoned amusement park.

Broken tracks and debris are not the only hazardous things lying around Fortnite’s latest block entry.

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Tricky Tracks

A new block is ready to be explored. However, you would need to watch your step as it is littered with trash, debris from broken tracks and abandoned buildings. Welcome to Tricky Tracks.

What was once a theme park full of rides and roller-coasters is now and overgrown wasteland.

Ticket booths are deserted, roller coasters damaged and left to rot. Tricky Tracks is the place to be… If you would like to hide from your enemies in the tall grass and trees. Scavenging anything valuable to eliminate your enemies.

Take cover in buildings that probably once sold overpriced merchandises, or have a little snack right in the middle of Tricky Tracks with their very own Pizza Pit, Durrr Burger and Ice-cream Parlour. Goading your enemies to enter the death trap of a theme park.

Tricky Tracks: Island Code

If you would like to view Callum5tewart creation Tricky Tracks in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.

Note: will update as soon as we get our hands on it


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