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Fortnite Block: Turtle Temple by Botimus-Prime

Trying to outdo Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, Turtle Temple is made up of hundreds of Stairs

Just like previous Fortnite Block featured creative content, one wrong turn in Turtle Temple may end up getting you lost. With stairs joined together forming a pyramid shape, it’s not hard to see how. Turtle Temple is created by Botimus Prime and now features at The Block within Fortnite’s Battleground.

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Turtle Temple

Using up roughly 35,000 of the 50,000 allowed memory blocks and most of the 25 x 25 tiles, Turtle Temple is a behemoth. The turtle shell is not the only thing that is durable, the whole design is completely made from metal, using stairs, walls, floors and ceilings of Fortnite building structures.

One neat little feature from the unique design of Turtle Temple, players will be able to edit the metal structures to alter, block or even confuse enemies. Editing stairs into walls, preventing incoming damage or block off enemies. Allowing you to think of creative ways to hide or get the upper hand.

Turtle Temples Island Code

If you would like to view Botimus-Prime creation Turtle Temple in Fortnite Creative Mode, enter the code below.


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