The stunning return of Fortnite last week led to worldwide headlines.

Devoured by a black hole at the end of Season X, Epic Games forced the game into the darkness to keep up the illusion of the extinction of Fortnite. The game was back online 24 hours later and fans were given once again access to the Battle Royale. Apollo the new map was revealed to take the place of the old shredded battlegrounds, enticing fans with many new places to discover and features to explore.

Hideouts are one of them, allowing players to jump into Dumpsters or Hay Bales to escape or surprise foes. Engaging with either object encourages player avatars to flee inside, allowing an ideal getaway strategy from nearby pursuers or as a rapid ambush plan.

Aside from the lag issues, players have been experiencing, all seemed to be going to plan until Reddit user Bigdog-475 stumbled upon a rather remarkable bug when encountering a Dumpster in one of their games. The nature of this bug would even have Voldemort scratching his head. Check out the video below.