Now that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 has started, we’ve taken a peek at some of the last goals of the new Battle Pass. These are incredibly cool, and they’re going to be worth chasing. We’ve seen gold and silver styles and enlightened styles in the past, but now there are foils! Although the foils overall are extremely good looking, the best part of the lot is the final one that you can unlock with each skin which is the holo foil! Let’s discuss how you can get these new styles, and what levels you have to be to unlock them!

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For your skins to get foil and holo foil styles you’ll need to hit at least level 105. This unleashes the first foil you can wield, and it’s a silver one for Thor. You’ll unlock a new foil style very five levels after the first until you reach level 220 where you’ll end with Holo Wolverine!

In the sequence of how you get the skins in the Battle Pass is the same order you unlock the foils. Which is Thor, Jennifer Walters, Groot, Storm, Doctor Doom, Mystique, Tony Stark and Wolverine. First you’ll obtain the silver ones, then gold, and finally holo! These are unique compared to the enlightened style of the previous season, because you will get the full style once you’ve reached the required level.

Fortnite Foils and Holo Foil Skin List

Here’s a rundown of all the foils you can collect for each skin. If a skin possesses multiple styles, the foils will work and apply to each and every one.

Thor Foils

You’re going to get Thor’s Silver style at level 105, Gold at level 145, and Holo at level 185.

Jennifer Walters Foils

You’re going to get Jennifer Walters’ Silver style at level 110, Gold at 150, and Holo at 190.

Groot Foils

You’re going to get Groot’s Silver style at level 115, Gold at 155, and Holo at 195.

Storm Foils

You’re going to get Storm’s Silver style at level 120, Gold at 160, and Holo at 200.

Doctor Doom Foils

You’re going to get Doctor Doom’s Silver style at level 125, Gold at 165, and Holo at 205.

Mystique Foils

You’re going to get Mystique’s Silver style at level 130, Gold at 170, and Holo at 210.

Tony Stark Foils

You’re going to get Tony Stark’s Silver style at level 135, Gold at 175, and Holo at 215.

Wolverine Foils

You’re going to get Wolverine’s Silver style at level 140, Gold at 180, and Holo at 220.