Prop-O-Matic is Fortnite Creative New Tool Allows you to Conceal yourself from enemies as you Transform into a prop. Plus, we have more islands and Prefab for your creative ideas

Fortnite Patch v9.30 brings a ton of updates to Fortnite Creative Mode. Introducing a new Prop-O-Matic tool to create your very own Prop Hunt game mode. Providing you with the ability to turn into Props and allow you to hide from your enemies in plain sight.

In addition, two new islands, The Wasteland and Caldera have been added alongside the Mega Mall Prefab and galleries. Offering more creative solutions to your creative ideas. You can even add more lighting or fog to your island with new settings, creating an atmospheric setting and bringing you content to life.

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Prop-O-Matic New Tool Fortnite Creative
Prop-O-Matic New Tool – Fortnite Creative

The Prop-O-Matic tool allows you to target nearby props to possess the appearance of the target object, hiding from your enemies in plain sight. This is very much like Garry’s Mod Prop hunt where players play hide-and-seek.

Whilst transformed, you are able to whistle at your enemies, taunting them as they struggle to locate you.

For best results to appropriately blend in with the scenery, it is recommended you should uses props found in either the Outdoor Residential Prop Gallery, Indoor Residential Prop Gallery or Container Prop Gallery.

Time to build some Prop Hunt game modes for your Creative content.

Caldera Islands and Wasteland Islands

Caldera Islands Fortnite Creative
Caldera Islands – Fortnite Creative

Two new islands have been introduced in Fortnite Patch v9.30 update, Caldera island and Wasteland Island.

Caldera island is themed around a volcano, surrounded by a pool of lava and volcano vents whereas the Wasteland themed island is quite self-explanatory. An empty deserted island covered by fog.

Wasteland Island Fortnite Creative
Wasteland Island – Fortnite Creative

Lighting and Fog in Creative Mode

You will now be able to set your own lighting and fog to your own creative ideas with new game Settings.

To give you design more light, you can increase the outdoor lighting intensity from the sun or moon. Setting it to 0% will make the light source dimmer and 100% to increase thee brightness. Furthermore, you can control the colors of the light to set a specific color for the lighting. Following colors can be controlled – White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.

Now you can add fog to your island or creative designs by setting the Fog thickness in the game settings. Put it 0% to turn the fog off or increase to set specific fog thickness. Similar to the light settings, you can control the color of the Fog with the same color except the fog has a black color option.

Mega Mall Prefab

Interested in adding a Mega Mall to your island? Well, you can now by using Fortnite’s Creative Mode latest Mega Mall Prefab.

Simply add the Mega Mall Prefab to you inventory and place where you like to have your own Mega Mall.

Mega Mall Prefab Fortnite Creative
Mega Mall Prefab – Fortnite Creative