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Fortnite Creative Mode Adds All New Jungle Temple Prefabs

Choose between six new prefabs to give your island its very own version of Sunny Step

There is a current tropical theme at the moment since Fortnite Season 8 arrived. Palm Trees and new temple buildings can be found at the new location Sunny Step. Fortnite Creative Mode adds the new jungle temple prefabs to their collection, allowing users to create their own monument.

Fortnite Jungle Temple Prefab Creative Mode 1
Prefab Selection Screen – Fortnite | Creative Mode

Jungle Temple Prefabs

Creative Mode has become a popular addition since it has been added, offering players the opportunity to design and build their own village, town or unique feature. Using the prefabs and other products it offers.

Making users motivated to invest hours and hours creating unique user-created content, Fortnite has introduced a running competition known as FortniteBlockParty. Users can submit their design using the following #FortniteBlockParty hashtag and wait to see if their creative design is chosen. Voted by other users, Fortnite then chooses from a shortlist and place the winner into Fortnite Battleground located at The Block. Promoting the handy work of the creator.

Now users will have access to more designs as six jungle prefabs added to the Create Mode, giving players more variety to Fortnite architectures when they are designing their island.

What will be the first creative design when using the new jungle temple prefab? A tropical island with a big spiritual temple in the middle, worshipping a sun god?

Share your designs, and we will happily showcase it on our site.


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