Fortnite Season 6 Leaks and Spoilers have occurred in the masses, usually via dataminers uncovering new files each patch. This time Epic Games themselves have delivered a potential spoiler for what’s to come this season.

With the release of Fortnite Dark Bomber skin to the item shop, players instantly recognized something on the Dark Bomber‘s backbling. In the background of the Dark Bomber’s bag shows volcanos, not one but multiple. 
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Fortnite LEAKED skins – Freaky Scarecrows and Cube Glider

The Dark Bomber skin is themed from the mysterious cube. The cube socially named “Kevin” has been roaming the map since season 5. Rumors about Kevin’s endgame has been wild. From hidden aliens inside the cube to a reverse universe where everyone and everything is evil. However, towards the end of Fortnite Season 5 the biggest theory, thanks to some leaked images are that the cube will generate a volcano.

The new Fortnite Dark Bomber skin features animated cube runes pulsing over the bomber‘s body, while the Dark Bomber‘s face is corrupted by the imprint of the cube, scared across her eyes. The skin also comes with a corrupt unicorn Axe and a cube infused glider. It’s however, her Backbling that contains the potential spoiler. The picture on her backpack is of a corrupt unicorn shooting fire from its mouth, attached to the backpack is a chain with a mini cube at the end of it. In the background, for all to see are multiple volcanoes, Is this what we can expect to encounter once the cube has finished activating all runes?

Dark Bomber Skin Backpack Shows Fortnite Season 6 Spoilers

The cube is currently floating above the Fortnite map attached to the island that was once the center of Loot Lake. Moving between each rune and activating them, causing each visited rune to shoot a purple beam into the sky.

It‘s uncertain whether the Dark Bomber skin does indeed contain spoilers of what’s coming, yet it is the very first indication from Epic Games themselves of volcanos. What do you all think, does the new skin provide definitive proof that volcanos will arrive in Fortnite? Drop a comment of your current theories we’d love to hear them.