Hidden from the leaks, Fortnite has revealed a new Deep Sea skin set that features Deep Sea Destroyer Skin and Deep Sea Dominator Skin with matching Krakenaxe Pickaxe and Nautilus Glider

Skins that make their way to the Fortnite store without anyone knowing about it is a rarity, so it has come as a shock to see the new Deep Sea Destroyer skin and Deep Sea Dominator skin set now available.

Fortnite Deep Sea Destroyer skin and Deep Sea Dominator skin

Dataminers have already shared information that Epic Games have begun encrypting parts of the game files, in a bid to help protect against leaks. However, some dataminers have found alternative ways or found the keys to decrypt the encrypted files and discover new upcoming skins. In this case, the Deep Sea Destroyer skin and the Deep Sea Dominator skin has managed to be kept under the radar, away from dataminers.

Krakenaxe Pickaxe and Nautilus Glider which is part of the Deep Sea set did get picked up by Dataminers leaking the cosmetic on social media.

With the full set available in the Fortnite store we get to see the full details of Fortnite latest skin.

Deep Sea Destroyer skin

Straight out of the trenches.

Deep Sea Destroyer Skin Epic
Deep Sea Destroyer – Fortnite | Epic Games

Deep Sea Dominator skin

In a completely different league.

Fortnite Deep Sea Dominator Skin Epic
Deep Sea Dominator – Fortnite | Epic Games

Krakenaxe Pickaxe

The scourge of the seven seas!

Fortnite Krakenaxe Pickaxe
Krakenaxe Pickaxe- Fortnite | Epic Games

Nautilus Glider

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Fortnite Nautilus Glider Epic
Nautilus Glider – Fortnite | Epic Games