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Fortnite: Furthest North, Furthest South, Furthest East, Furthest West Locations Guide

Our Guide on how to find the Furthest North, Furthest South, Furthest East, and Furthest West locations. Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Challenges.

Fortnite week two challenges are now available and it includes a relatively unusual one. The challenge will have you literally pursuing the furthest edges of the map, into territories you may never have even encountered before. More specifically, you’ll need to visit four points – Furthest North, Furthest South, Furthest East, and Furthest West.

This challenge shouldn’t be terribly difficult to complete as you do not have to complete all four points in one game. Once you have successfully reached each location, you are not required to perform any actions, no emotes or dancing needed.

At each location, there will be a sign with the respected letter associated attached, so North bears a sign with an “N” on it. Here are the Furthest North, South, East, and West locations.

Fortnite Furthest North Location

To find the furthest North location you’ll need to head towards Junk Junction, specifically, east of Junk Junction. Head to the furthest part of the island until you detect the sign with the letter N.

Walk up to the sign to complete the furthest North location.

Fortnite Furthest South Location

This time we’ll be heading towards Lucky Landing, near the large brick pig. If you are struggling to find the exact location, use the worn away grass to steer you in an accurate direction. Once more, you will be greeted by a sign with the letter S.

Walk up to the sign to complete the furthest South location.

Fortnite Furthest East Location

Fortnite furthest east location can be found by the abandoned mansion, south of Lonely Lodge. The accurate location is slightly south-east of the mansion, however, once you’re near the vicinity, you shouldn’t experience much trouble discovering the sign.

Once you have located the Furthest East sign, stand nearby to complete the furthest East location.

Fortnite Furthest West Location

You can locate the furthest West location by heading behind Snobby Shores. Directly behind the second house from the south side of Snobby. Remember, use the worn-out grass trail to help guide you to the correct location.

Walk up to the sign to complete the furthest West location.

Once you’ve visited the furthest North, South, East, and West locations, then this challenge will be complete and you receive your much-earned stars.

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