An enormous eye has been revealed at the base of the iceberg in Polar Peak.

Fortnite Season 9 came with many map changes as time was brought into the future. Surprising to many is how Polar Peak remained unchanged despite having been struck in the volcano event and the large time warp. Well, there now appears to be a compelling reason as to why Epic left the POI untouched at the start of Season 9.


Since the v9.10 update, players could hear odd noises coming from the ice. The ice also appeared to be breaking apart more. Many fans speculated there was hidden rooms or valuables soon to be unearthed. However, more of the ice has now melted away revealing a giant eye that creepily follows your every movement.

Fortnite Giant Eye Season 9
Fortnite Giant Eye at Polar Peak

The question everyone’s asking now is “What is it?” While, like you, we do not possess the answers. We would guess the creature will play a role in future collaborations. Epic Games have utilized notable collaborations already for Fortnite Season 9 with the current expected to end in 6 days. So we wouldn’t expect much more to be revealed before then.

Getting close to the giant eye you can also hear the heartbeat of the monster, and every so often you can hear a squeal as if it’s wounded or upset. Standing near the edge for too long knocks you back just like the mysterious runes did.

It’s also worth noting that the fortbyte secret image shows an eerie eye in the corner, which could mean the monster hidden under Polar Peek has more to do with story progression of Season 9 than a simple collab.

Fortnite Fortbyte Reveals Giant Eye
Fortbyte Giant Eye

What do you all think is lurking down there? I’m privately hoping it has something to do with the dragon eggs, possibly their mother? As we know the Prisoner took the eggs to the volcano once he’d escaped the ice king, imagine how angry the encaptured monster will be once she finds out her eggs are gone!