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Fortnite Halloween Locations: Scariest Fortnite Video Online 

Here are all locations that have spooky Halloween decorations in Fortnite

Epic Games have been slowly adding in Halloween cosmetics over the past few patches with skin such as Plague or the Leaked Skin Spider Knight.  However, the most obvious Halloween additions have been the creepy decorations that have appeared all over the map.

Originally starting in Pleasant Park the Fortnite Halloween decorations has spread across the entire map. Here are all the current locations that you can find some spooky Halloween props – also test your bravery by watching the “scariest” Fortnite Video online!

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Lucky Landing

There are many added spooky Halloween props in Lucky Landing including a full graveyard with creepy sounds and haunting mist. Ghosts dangling from buildings and trees to make sure you’re never alone in Lucky Landing. Outside some of the buildings, you may come across a witch cooking up some beauty spell no doubt!

Used as the location for our Fortnite Halloween Video which you can watch below. Are you brave enough to watch till the end?

Scariest Fortnite Video – Happy Halloween

Let us know in the comments if you made it all the way till the end. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Lucky Landing Graveyard Fortnite Halloween
Lucky Landing Fortnite Ghost Decoration
Lucky Landing Witch
Fortnite Lucky Landing Spiders
Pleasant Park

Where it all began! First Epic Games added only minor Halloween decorations to the Fortnite map. Which included two spiders, some pumpkins, cobwebs, and Smoke machines. It has since transcended to multiple houses in Pleasant Park and to the rest of the map.

Pleasant Park Halloween Decorations

I don’t think this house wants any uninvited visitors!

Pleasant Park Ghost Halloween
Pleasant Park Halloween Decorated House
Pleasant Park Giant Spider Halloween

What are they feeding these spiders?

Pleasant Park Fortnite Witch and Cobwebs
Retail Row

Another Original Location of Halloween items Hey boo. Retail Row’s Hey Boo store was brought into the game at the start of Fortnite season 6 which feature witches, cobwebs and spiders. Gradually the spooky Halloween decorations have spread out of the shop. The residence of Retail Row sure seems to like Halloween!

Hey Boo Store Retail - Fortnite
Boo! Halloween Store – Fortnite | Epic Games

Retail Row Halloween House Decorations Fortnite
Retail Row Halloween Store
Retail Row Halloween Witch
Tilted Towers

There’s not much variety in Tilted Towers. Here you’ll find many ghosts dangling from streetlights.

Tilted Towers Ghosts on Spotlights
Tilted Towers Fortnite Halloween Ghosts
Tilted Towers Halloween Decorations
Snobby Shores

A late bloomer to the Halloween Season, yet let’s not hold that against Snobby Shores as they have since gone all out for Halloween. With many witches, Spiders and even Giant inflatable Llamas.

Snobby Shores Halloween Fortnite Pumpkin - QuadCrasher
Fortnite Halloween Snobby Shores Ghosts - QuadCrasher
Snobby Shores Graveyard Witch - QuadCrasher

Get off my QuadCrasher you say? … No, I’m good thanks

Snobby Shores Halloween Decorations - QuadCrasher
Greasy Grove

Just like Retail Row, at Greasy Grove you’ll find streets and house coated in Giant Spiders, Ghost, and witches.

Greasy Grove Big Spiders On Roof - QuadCrasher

Nope. Not stopping here.

Greasy Grove Fortnite Ghost - QuadCrasher
Greasy Grove Fortnite Halloween Decoration - QuadCrasher
Greasy Grove Halloween Witch - QuadCrasher
Lazy Links

The clubhouse must be running some kind of deal as they’ve gone all out for Halloween. With many props such as tombstones, witches, pumpkins and again massive inflatable Llamas!

Lazy Links Pumpkin On Slide

I’ll have to admit I did chuckle to myself when I stumbled across this pumpkin placement.

Lazy Links Halloween Witch
Lazy Links Halloween Decorations
Lazy Links Fortnite Halloween
Lonely Lodge

Ghosts can be found dangling outside cabins, freakishly large spiders and witches are placed throughout the Lonely Lodge area.

Lonely Lodge Fortnite Halloween Ghost
Lonely Lodge Graveyard Halloween Fortnite Decorations
Lonely lodge Big Spider Halloween

Paradise Palms

The main town of Paradise Palms has got into the Halloween spirit! Featuring the usual ghosts, witches, and haunted houses.

Paradise Palms Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Paradise Palms Haunted Castle Halloween
Rocket Silo

The abandoned Rocket Silo is in need of some serious TLC, the spiders have been busy here embedding chests into their webs!

Rocket Silo Chest Stuck To Wall
Rocket Silo Halloween Chest
Salty Springs

If you have Arachnophobia Fortnite may not be the best game for you to be playing right now. Salty Springs like the other main towns are filled with oversized spiders.

Salty Springs Spooky House Fortnite
Salty Springs Ghost Halloween
Salty Springs Haunted Castle Fortnite
Salty Springs Halloween Spider On Roof

These Spiders just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Fatal Fields

Fatal has gone very minimalistic this year for Halloween, with just two ghosts found hanging.  Although the creepy cornfield makes up for the lack of decorations.

Fatal Fields Ghosts
Areas that should have Halloween Decorations that don’t

Strangely there’re two locations on the Fortnite map that I would have expected to see some spooky props – Haunted Hills and Wailing Woods.

Both of these locations underwent big changes at the start of season 6 with the arrival of Haunted Castle and the underground bunker in Wailing Woods. So it’s understandable as to why these locations have not yet received any Halloween props, however, these locations are probably the most suited for freaky props especially Haunted Hills.

Freaky Upside down Bear

Wailing Woods may not have any Giant spiders or ghost but that still doesn’t stop this place being expressively strange.

Throughout the map, there’re many little places that we may have missed on this list such as gas stations that contain ghosts and pumpkins. If you know of any that are not included in this list drop a message below.


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