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Fortnite Hamster Ball Vehicle Spotted

Leaked Hamster Ball Vehicle is spotted in Fortnite Season 8 loading screen

Users have been combing through Fortnite leaked files and images for clues to what is to come in Fortnite Season 8. However, keen-eyed users have identified the upcoming Hamster Ball Vehicle, spotted in Fortnite Season 8 loading screen.

Fortnite’s Hamster Ball Vehicle

During Fortnite transition into Fortnite Season 8, dataminers have uncovered files containing a Hamster Ball drivable vehicle. The folder contained other drivable vehicles like the Hoverboard which was introduced at the end of Season 7 and a newly added Ship Cannon. A cannon that can fire cannonballs or yourself at your enemies, blending in with Fortnite Season 8 pirates and tropical theme.

The Hamster Ball vehicle is the only vehicle from the files yet to appear in Fortnite, but users have already spotted the vehicle. It so happens, it has been staring in people faces since Fortnite Season 8 began. I’m talking about the new season 8 loading screen.

Fortnite Hamster Ball Spotted Season 8 Loading Screen
Hamster Ball Vehicle spotted in season 8 loading screen – Fortnite | Epic Games

Many focused on the new weapons some of the characters were wielding that have not yet made the game. One character is seen holding a bow and arrow, however, if you focus your eyes to the background next to the archer, you can spot the Hamster Ball vehicle.

Fortnite Hamster Ball Vehicle
Hamster Ball Vehicle Spotted – Fortnite | Epic Games

The Hamster Ball vehicle looks a lot like the vehicles in Jurassic Park World. It is not known whether it will be a single person ride or you can be accompanied by other people. In addition, there appears to be some sort of weapon at the front of the vehicle which will be perfect for clearing paths and shooting down your enemies.

It is not known when the vehicle will be making an appearance, hopefully it is soon rather than later.

What do you think of the Hamster Ball Vehicle? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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