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Fortnite Has Finally Released the Driftboard We Have Been Waiting For

Driftboard is now available in Fortnite with the release of v7.40 Content Patch Update

The new Fortnite content update v7.40 is now live and it includes a new ride. You can now slide around on new limited time item, Driftboard. Pulling off tricks and killing your enemies in style. The new introduction comes with new LTM modes Driftin’ and Catch.


Check out Fortnite’s newest and coolest item official trailer.

Every mans dream who seen Back To The Future II is to own their very own Hoverboard. A real-life version is yet to materialise however, Epic Games have designed their own hoverboard, the Driftboard. Find the latest cool item around Fortnite Battleground and take a ride down the slope of Fortnite.

You will be able to gun down your enemies, use your consumables, Loot and revive your allies without taking a step off the Driftboard. However, there is one thing you cannot accomplish, that is to build. Riding the limited item prevents you from constructing any form of structures.

LTM Modes

Driftin’ and Catch have been added to make use of the Driftboard, in a fun-filled game mode.

Fortnite Driftboard Limited Time Item
Driftboard – Fortnite | Epic Games


You will be split into two teams of 32 players racing on your new Driftboard eliminating your enemies in the process. Last team standing, Wins! All ammo and Chests have been removed but there will be Red Supply Drop that holds the Driftboards, Weapons and Ammo.

There is no need for consumables in this LTM as you will slowly regenerate Health and Shield whilst riding on the Driftboard.


This LTM will see all Weapons removed except the ones that can be thrown or tossed. Smoke Grenades, Clingers, Remote Explosives, Port-a-Forts, Impulse Grenades and Shockwave Grenades. You will notice more Chests, Loot Spawns and Supply Drops. In addition, your item stacks have been increased to allow you to hold more items.


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