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Fortnite: Is this the end of Kevin the Cube?

With the cracks getting worse, is this the end of the Cube's story?

Fortnite’s Halloween event has been huge. The map has been plagued with monsters, Cube Fragments, Halloween themed Battlebus, Skins, Skull Trooper, and Spooky Decorations. Meanwhile, Kevin the Cube blasted through the island that once belonged to Loot Lake.

Now that Fortnitemares has entered the final stage of challenges — part 4, the Cube is not looking so healthy. Cracks started to appear on the Cube towards the start of Fortnitemares which have only gotten worse throughout the Halloween event, is this the end of Kevin the Cube?

When did the Cube arrive in Fortnite and what did it do?

  • The Cube arrived on August 24, 2018, when a lightning bolt struck down in Paradise Palms.
  • Kevin the Cube then started moving around the Fortnite map, leaving printed runes behind. Players near the cube slowly had their shield regenerated, however, striking the Cube caused it to shoot lightning at you fiercely.
  • After printing all runes, Kevin made its way to Loot Lake, not before taking out a building in Tilted Towers. Once at Loot Lake the Cube made its last roll into the water and seemingly melted. Loot Lake’s water became consumed by the Cube, coating the entire lake in the Cube’s DNA. Now purple, Loot Lake was now a giant bounce pad!
  • At the Season 6 launch, Kevin emerged out of the waters, ripping the island in the middle of Loot Lake high into the air. Creating a giant whirlpool in the center of the map. But then … the Cube started to move once more.
  • With all the runes still on the map, it was an obvious choice on where the Cube would be moving to. The Cube proceeded to each rune and activated them. Once all runes were activated, Kevin then appeared to drain them of any power.
  • Powered up, the Cube returns to the center of the now Leaky Lake and created a portal in the sky.
  • Fortnitemares 2018 event arrives and Epic Games releases a trailer that shows the Cube bursting free from the attached island, fracturing the island into 3 big pieces and 3 smaller ones.
  • Cube Fragments and Monsters have now inhabited the Fortnite map.

Fun Fact: Why is the Cube called Kevin?

Over on the Fortnite subreddit, the word Cube was filtered out so users could no longer write the word Cube. To bypass this they named the Cube Kevin and well… it stuck.

Cube Merging With Loot Lake Fortnite
Loot lake mixed with the cube Fortnite

As you can see the Cube has been on quite the journey and has expended massive amounts of energy. Now that the Cube is forming cracks all over, is this the end of the Cubes story?

Fortnite is due to patch on October 31, Halloween. Will Epic Games give us an explosion to celebrate the holiday? If something happens to the Cube on the 31st, that would mean the Cube must somehow live on due to the fact that the Cube Fragments and monsters have to stay in the game so that all the players can complete the Fortnitemares challenges. That being said this is the first time we’ve seen any vulnerability from the Cube which we can only take as a sign that the story surrounding it, is coming to an end, likely ending when Fortnitemares event does.

Even once the Cube has gone, the story has to at least continue somewhat to the end of season 6, due to the many challenges based around Corrupted Zones. This makes me think that the portal in the sky still has a bigger role to play.

In a slightly irrelevant note, have you seen where Uncle Pete’s truck is now? Pre-Cube explosion he was outside of his former home Tomato Town, now known as Tomato Temple. Once Fortnitemares arrived he’s now in Greasy. Fortnite Season 7 … Uncle Pete fights back?

Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit in Greasy Grove


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