During Fortnite Season 5, a giant purple cube appeared and caused havoc around the battlegrounds.

Meandering around and demolishing buildings along the way ‘the cube’ or Kevin (who was christened by the Fortnite fans) was unpredictable, leaving fan guessing what he was up to. Every 30 minutes or so, Kevin would move position which began a movement online that prompted fans to track Kevins every move.

In certain areas of the map, Kevin created rune markings as if something big is about to come.

Season 6 revealed Kevin’s agenda with an explosion that ripped open the grounds and created a tornado. The piece of ground torn from land was hoisted up into the air by sheer strength and power of the tornado, creating a floating island at the top. Don’t worry Kevin was okay, he is latched on underneath the island.

Now the floating island has moved again, therefore, the masses of people have begun tracking Kevin again.

From the leak earlier, it was revealed that Kevin was heading for one of the rune locations.

Few hours have passed, Kevin has finally reached one of the runes, the rune has been ripped from the ground with volcano pits appearing all around. Entering one of these pits will bounce you straight back out.
A lightning storm can be seen between the rune and Kevin pondering what will happen next.

Check out the video to see it in action.