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Fortnite ‘Kevin’ The Cube Explodes, Transporting Players To An Unknown World

Fortnitemares ends as the Cube explodes, creating a brand-new map.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s biggest Halloween event, Fortnitemares has come to an end in the most spectacular way, with the Cube exploding! Last week Epic Games sent out a message to their social media pages to let players know when to be in-game to witness the end of the Fortnitemares event. This obviously got many fans excited with most adamant this would mean the end of the Cube. What players didn’t know was how the Cube would meet its demise and how would it affect the Fortnite world?

At approximately 1 pm EST on the November 4, Kevin the Cube began to Spark lightning, pulse and then started to spin.  The Cube then spun faster and faster, Glowing more each rotation until the Cube was fully white. It was then a white light fractured out of the cube, causing it to explode. All Players in-game then sore nothing but white for a little while as they were transported to an unknown world that I can only describe as some form of Matrix? In the Matrix world, players were suspended in the air floating but able to move slowly. It was after a short delay that it came… The beautiful butterfly. Landing on my finger, the butterfly turned into a large rift teleporting me back into the Fortnite world high about the new Loot Lake!

Cube event butterfly Fortnite

(I, however, seem to encounter a game glitch and had multiple butterflies around me, once I approached them they seemed to attach inside me. Once I was Killed at the new Loot Lake, the butterflies continued to stay on the ground for a little while.)

Cube event Fortnite

Now that the Cube has gone, so have all the Cube monsters that came with the Fortnitemares event. We are unsure whether this is the end of Kevin forever, but over the next few days, we can expect to uncover more map changes that have occurred due to this sensational in-game event.

The end of Fortnitemares didn’t go perfectly as planned, many players experienced disconnects, trouble logging in and most (including me) disconnected once they had been killed and tried to leave the game.

This is not the first time Epic Games have done a real-time in-game event, back in June, Players were able to witness the rocket launch that started this wild journey! These in-game events provide a way for game developers to not only tell a story but bring their audience along for the ride with them. It’s exhilarating. As if we are now part of Fortnite’s history. We are so used to extravagant storytelling through cutscenes that these in-game events feel so special.

Overall the event was one not to be missed. The tale of the Cube was extensive and will forever be a major part of Fortnite Battle Royale’s history. RIP Kevin.


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